Matt Sepic Feature Archive

Among the companies selling commercial plans through MNsure, PreferredOne was the smallest by revenue, but offered the lowest prices and won the biggest slice of the pie. (09/17/2014)
Running back Adrian Peterson faces an uncertain future with the Minnesota Vikings, now that authorities in Texas say he went too far in disciplining his 4-year-old boy. (09/15/2014)
A judge Friday set bail at $2 million for Lyle "Ty" Hoffman, the man suspected of slaying a Boston Scientific executive. (09/12/2014)
Sarah Bellamy, co-artistic director of the African-American theater company, says she wanted to gather people in a physical space to talk and listen about a difficult topic. (09/11/2014)
The killing of a western Minnesota boy by his stepmother is leading some state legislators to reconsider a child protection law they passed just four months ago. (09/09/2014)
The "Fight for $15" campaign has spread across the country in recent years. It's the first time that workers in Minnesota have officially joined in. (09/04/2014)
More than 50,000 vehicles travel through the Hennepin-Lyndale corridor every day, and the pavement, signaling systems and pedestrian crossings are all in need of major upgrades. (09/01/2014)
Five months ago, the city appeared to be on a collision course with the Metropolitan Council over the project. (08/29/2014)
Thomas Syzdek of Minneapolis took money from his roommate William Meredig, shortly after Meredig suffered a stroke. (08/29/2014)
Backers of the bid say a World's Fair would put Minnesota on a global stage and bring in millions of tourists and their money. (08/28/2014)
The bird was rehabilitated at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center after it was hit by a bus in the nation's capital. (08/22/2014)
Minneapolis clinic to close now that many patients have health insurance (08/22/2014)
The medical device maker's purchase of Covidien brings tax advantages, and a rash of rebukes. (08/19/2014)
The food distributor and retailer says hackers have broken into its computer network and might have stolen credit card data. (08/15/2014)
The new effort came just a day after new CEO Brian Cornell's first day at work, a sign of the urgency executives feel to get Canada on track. (08/13/2014)