Matt Sepic Feature Archive

The Minnesota Twins may be on track for their first winning season in five years. They won 20 games in May, including Sunday's against the Blue Jays. (06/01/2015)
Although state lawmakers made dispensing the drug to some patients legal, federal law still bans marijuana. As a result, a big challenge for manufacturers will be setting up banking services. (06/01/2015)
Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters lined up in Minneapolis Sunday morning to see the Vermont senator who's running for president. (05/31/2015)
The data, based on census data and building permits, aren't surprising given the robust apartment construction in many areas, a Metropolitan Council analyst says. (05/18/2015)
The aid group is unhappy that Secretary of State John Kerry did not discuss Somalia's remittance crisis when he made a brief, unannounced visit to Mogadishu this week. (05/09/2015)
The $5 million museum is located in a converted city bus garage. It features a tree fort and a variety of hands-on exhibits. (05/02/2015)
A former University of Kansas phenom, Andrew Wiggins provided some light in an otherwise dismal NBA season for the Minnesota Timberwolves. (04/30/2015)
The retailer announced Thursday 100 administrative assistants are losing their jobs. In addition, the company said it would not fill 40 open positions. (04/30/2015)
At Minnesota's community banks, home mortgages, commercial loans and even farm lending grew more than at any time since the end of the Great Recession. (04/29/2015)
Wildlife ecologists said last week that only three wolves remain on the island. They said new ones should be brought in to keep the moose population in check. (04/26/2015)
"We would have seen higher prices for consumers, less choice, and if it's possible with these two companies, worse service," Franken said. ( 04/24/2015)
Despite low unemployment, the state's rate of job growth the past year is slower than in the United States overall. (04/16/2015)
The Twins are in Detroit for their opening game of the 2015 baseball season. (04/06/2015)
The dry winter has heightened the danger for fires this year. More than 6,000 acres have burned so far in around 300 separate fires. (04/04/2015)
Many Twin Cities homeowners still owe more on their properties than they are worth. By one measure, more than 15 percent of mortgages are under water. (04/02/2015)