Matt Sepic Feature Archive

Minnesota's December rate remains significantly lower than the U.S. rate of 5.6 percent, but not all is well on the state's job front. (01/22/2015)
U.S. Bank CEO Richard Davis says he expects a big boost in borrowing against lines of credit at current interest rates if business customers think the fed is about to pull the trigger. (01/21/2015)
"Move-up" buyers are starting to look for more expensive homes, observers say, though the long term trend among young buyers remains a concern. (01/20/2015)
Narayana Kocherlakota talked oil, employment and interest rates during a wide-ranging public forum Thursday night. (01/09/2015)
A state health official said the child had an underlying health condition. But she warned that this year the flu is hitting early and hard. (12/24/2014)
Online shopping gets the credit for a big increase in holiday shipping. (12/23/2014)
Propane prices have dropped but the root of the issue still has to be addressed: finding a replacement for the pipeline that connects the Midwest to propane suppliers in western Canada. (12/22/2014)
Officials would not provide any details, nor would they say if the child had any other health problems. (12/19/2014)
The state unemployment rate slipped to a seasonally adjusted 3.7 percent, officials say. (12/18/2014)
The big drop in oil prices affects anyone doing business with North Dakota oil producers, but some see it as temporary and Minnesota companies say they remain optimistic. (12/16/2014)
The Metropolitan Airports Commission voted Monday to approve the policy, which covers workers including cabin cleaners, cart drivers, and wheelchair assistants. (12/16/2014)
The Target breach was the first in a series that one cyber security report called "a rampage of attacks on U.S retailers," and made data security a top-of-mind issue for many. (12/08/2014)
Garrison Keillor said Wednesday that one of his longtime musical guests will fill in as host of two shows in February. (11/26/2014)
Police say a 16-year-old girl was treated for minor injuries after a man drove through a crowd at Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue. The driver is listed as a suspect. (11/26/2014)
Students and activists across the state Tuesday protested the Missouri grand jury's decision. Rallies were peaceful, although a woman was hit by a car during a late afternoon rally in Minneapolis. (11/25/2014)