Alex Friedrich Feature Archive

It marks the first time that adjunct faculty at a private Twin Cities-area university have agreed to unionize, SEIU said, adding that Hamline instructors will join local 284. (06/20/2014)
College can be a hard course for anyone, but it's doubly difficult for students who must grapple with school and find a place to sleep each night. An estimated 2,500 Minnesota college students are homeless. It's a group largely unnoticed and unaided on campuses. (06/17/2014)
The state Office of Higher Education tracked -- for two years -- high school students who graduated between 2006 and 2011. The percentage who took developmental classes hovered around 30 percent. (06/01/2014)
Since 2010, the number of blacks in the U of M's graduate and professional programs has dropped more than 15 percent to 428. (05/30/2014)
The new planetarium will fill a gap created more than a decade ago when the planetarium at the old Minneapolis Public Library was demolished, said Steve Birke the Bell's advisory board chairman. (05/21/2014)
The U of M is among five public universities whose administrative spending has most outpaced spending on students and faculty, concludes the Institute for Policy Studies. University officials call the report "extremely flawed" and "misleading." (05/19/2014)
The system expects to hold student fee increases to less than 1 percent, and the average increase to room and board will be roughly 3 percent. (05/18/2014)
University of Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill and his wife are setting up a fund to pay for training on how to respond to epileptic seizures. (05/15/2014)
U.S. Senator Al Franken is cosponsoring a bill that would enable borrowers to refinance old student loans. (05/13/2014)
Thursday marks 10 years since the death of Dan Markingson, a 26-year old man suffering from schizophrenia who enrolled in a clinical test of an anti-psychotic drug. The U carried out the trials, which were funded by drug maker AstraZeneca. (05/09/2014)
The free online courses that top-notch universities offer to the public were once hyped as an innovation that could threaten the higher education establishment. But now many in the industry are scaling back expectations. (05/04/2014)
The Minnesota Democrat has joined 11 other Senators in requesting millions of dollars to fund additional personnel. (05/02/2014)
The decline in state spending was the 10th steepest in the nation. All but three states spent less than they did before the recession. (04/28/2014)
At a rally Thursday, representatives from Macalester and Hamline said adjunct professors are a major part of the campus teaching force, and want a voice at work. Several described working long hours at multiple campuses with no job security, low pay and often no benefits. (04/24/2014)
In early April, an arbitrator determined MSU Mankato had no grounds to fire Hoffner and said he should be reinstated. He recently returned to the head coaching job. (04/23/2014)