Alex Friedrich Feature Archive

Alcohol sales at University of Minnesota stadiums could continue after a report came out showing the sales haven't caused an increase in police calls on game days. (02/09/2014)
Scholastica's vice president for strategic initiatives, Don Wortham, says the Duluth-based school has opened its first out-of-state site at a higher-education center in a suburb of Phoenix. (02/08/2014)
The move, a pilot project that started today, comes after a last semester's spike in robberies -- one of which occurred in the Carlson School of Management. (02/03/2014)
Last month after a spike in robberies -- which involved suspects described as black -- several African-American campus organizations asked the U to stop including references to race in the alerts. (01/30/2014)
MnSCU will need to produce a total of 50,000 bachelor's graduates in the metro area by 2025 to keep up with projected job growth. Many of the new students will be those who are not accepted to private colleges or the University of Minnesota or can't afford them. (01/22/2014)
The theft of research data from a prominent University of Minnesota law professor has put almost 300 people at risk of identity theft, university officials said today. (01/17/2014)
Stagnant federal and state funding has limited the number of residency positions where they can train. Unless the number of residencies increases Minnesota will be short a projected 2,000 physicians a decade from now, according to U of M med school officials. (01/09/2014)
Police have charged two men in a case that was one of 25 robberies that rattled students during the fall semester. (01/03/2014)
The University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus will join a growing number of schools around the country in offering this accommodation -- including a couple of sister campuses in the U of M system. (12/27/2013)
University of Minnesota - Duluth officials say they're preparing an initial round of budget cuts for the campus. (12/26/2013)
Enrollment at many Minnesota colleges and universities continues to drop as the wave of students seeking education during the recession has ebbed. (12/17/2013)
University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler says he will form an outside panel to review how human subjects in clinical trials are treated. His announcement followed a faculty resolution requesting a review of practices. (12/05/2013)
I've been told that faculty and administration have just finished meeting over cuts proposed for the campus to solve a $5 million budget deficit. (12/05/2013)
"I wish that the administration had gotten the chief diversity officer, the students [and] the faculty member in the same room so they could have talked about the situation rather than making it into a legalistic moment -- make it into a learning moment," faculty union president Barbara Hager said. (11/29/2013)
Two University of Minnesota students have launched an online petition calling for a greater police presence on campus. (11/26/2013)