Alex Friedrich Feature Archive

Results from summer focus groups suggest many male students don't fully understand consent. (09/21/2014)
The derailment appears to have damaged overhead lines that power the trains. (09/20/2014)
After several years of skyrocketing college tuition, students and their families are finally starting to see some relief. (09/12/2014)
The St. Paul school says it's coming out ahead financially, and is better positioning itself as a viable alternative to public universities, which are traditionally seen as less expensive. (09/12/2014)
U leaders say they're confident lawmakers will provide more than $65 million to avoid tuition hikes of 3 percent for undergraduates and 3.5 percent for graduates. (09/11/2014)
New efforts and outreach are helping ease the transition for transfer students coming to the University of Minnesota, a group often very different from traditional freshmen with needs that haven't always been met. (09/03/2014)
Students could also encounter rowdier Sundays when the Minnesota Vikings play at TCF Bank Stadium. (08/26/2014)
Through the fair's 12 days, researchers from about a dozen departments will conduct 30 studies in an array of fields. (08/22/2014)
The new program will invest hundreds of thousands to help companies get a foothold. (08/20/2014)
Generation Next promises "many actions" and "no excuses." (08/18/2014)
Technology is behind many of today's student start-ups -- but being an entrepreneur can be more than making the next killer app. (08/04/2014)
Higher education officials say the number of applications is artificially high, and makes admission appear more competitive than it really is. (07/17/2014)
"Institutions in Minnesota, on average, are spending more than what we'd expect given the types of degrees that they produce, the disciplines of those degrees, the faculty attributes -- proportion of full-time / part-time faculty -- and the cost of living," a draft of the report says. (06/30/2014)
In the fall semester, the university community saw 26 robberies, including four on campus. Thats a 50 percent increase over the average autumn. (06/30/2014)
Minneapolis building officials are keeping an eye on the University of Minnesota Medical Center complex after yesterday evening's West River Road mudslide. More rain could further erode the slide site, which sits just 10 feet from the hospital's steam plant (06/20/2014)