Alex Friedrich Feature Archive

Weaker students would do better taking classes with the rest of the student body while getting extra help on the side, some lawmakers say. (04/07/2015)
The University of Minnesota hopes the Legislature will fund a second two-year tuition freeze. But Eric Kaler on Thursday cautioned that student costs must rise eventually. (04/02/2015)
The four-year waiver enables state officials to continue alternative achievement and improvement plans in place of a one-size-fits-all federal standard. (03/31/2015)
Officials say video indicates Jennifer Houle "entered the river" from the 10th Avenue Bridge Friday morning. No suspects are being sought. (03/30/2015)
The University of Minnesota has stopped enrolling test subjects in 17 drug studies pending an external review. Additional recommendations are expected in May. (03/27/2015)
Attorney General Lori Swanson said Globe University and Minnesota School of Business made thousands of illegal, unlicensed student loans. She also expanded on allegations the schools inflated job placement rates. (03/20/2015)
A state legislative audit has found that the University of Minnesota ignored "serious ethical issues" and failed to adequately protect a mentally ill man during a U clinical trial in 2004. (03/19/2015)
Dr. Brooks Jackson hopes to restore the University of Minnesota Medical School's national prominence. After a year on the job, however, it's clear his mission will not be easy. (03/18/2015)
The system lost almost $44 million last year, or a little more than 2 percent of the MnSCU budget. (03/17/2015)
State lawmakers from both parties have introduced dozens of bills responding to worries over the rising price of college and the struggles of graduates trying to pay off student loans. (03/17/2015)
Proposed legislation would give campuses more decision-making authority in selecting their presidents and would require MnSCU leaders to disclose their contracts with outside consultants and justify centralization efforts. (03/09/2015)
Last week, a review of the university's human research practices criticized the school — and, in particular, its psychiatry department — for not doing enough to protect vulnerable adults in its research. (03/06/2015)
The 11-member Board of Regents sets high-level policy at the University of Minnesota, and oversees its president. (03/05/2015)
Campus committees would get at least some of the decision making power in MnSCU Chancellor Steven Rosenstone's "Charting the Future" plan under the proposed deal. (03/03/2015)
The leaders of South Central College and Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical deny they plagiarized their doctoral dissertations. (03/02/2015)