Emily Reese Feature Archive

<em>Papo & Yo</em> turned out to be one of the most emotional experiences I've had as a gamer. While I feel as though I say that more and more, it's a trend I wholeheartedly embrace. (12/21/2012)
Jesper Kyd explains how he scored the afterlife, light and darkness for Darksiders II on Top Score from Classical MPR. (12/14/2012)
We continue exploring types of musical form on Learning to Listen with a look at a 'rondo'. (12/10/2012)
Significant musical moments in Call of Duty: Black Ops II are explained by the soundtrack's composer, Jack Wall, on the newest episode of Top Score from Classical MPR. (12/06/2012)
Matt Uelmen shares his music for Torchlight II on Top Score from Classical MPR. (11/30/2012)
Christopher Lennertz is a busy guy, working on multiple television projects like Supernatural and Revolution, in addition to writing music for games like Starhawk and Mass Effect 3. Hear the conversation on the new episode of Top Score from Classical MPR. (11/19/2012)
David Lloyd launched OCReMix.org in 1999 to create a site for fans to share their interpretations of game music. David and submissions judge Larry Oji joined Top Score for a conversation about fan art. (11/15/2012)
Sonata form emerged as the most important compositional tool in the 18th century. What is it, who uses it and where is it used? Find out in the new episode of Learning to Listen from Classical MPR. (11/09/2012)
On the new episode of Top Score, Lorne Balfe talks about his music for the new "Skylanders" game, called "Skylanders: Giants." (10/26/2012)
What makes a symphony a symphony? What makes a waltz a waltz? How about the blues, what is taking place that makes us call a song a blues song? There are so many different ways to write a song or piece of music, and there are rules for all those ways. (10/25/2012)
Composer Ryan Shore Top Score from Classical MPR to discuss his score for a relaunched "Spy Hunter." (10/19/2012)
The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is a musical celebration of twenty-five years of Zelda melodies. The new episode of Top Score features a conversation with the producers of the touring show, video game music fans Jason Michael Paul and Jeron Moore. (10/11/2012)
Christopher Tin kindly sent us five signed copies of "Calling All Dawns". Enter today for your chance to win a copy! (10/08/2012)
Jessica Curry's chamber music score for indie game Dear Esther is a wonderful compliment to stunning visuals and compelling narrative. (10/03/2012)
Composer Christopher Tin is the featured guest on the new episode of Top Score from Classical Minnesota Public Radio. (09/25/2012)