Jennifer Vogel Feature Archive

La residente de St. James, Irma Márquez, se convirtió este mes en una de las primeras latinas del pais en recibir estatus diferido, lo cual le permitió quedarse legalmente en Estados Unidos por dos años y encontrar trabajo. La aceptación marco un hito en un largo viaje, lo cual todavía la deja con desafíos. (12/12/2012)
Si un puñado de personas que cruce la brecha cultural hace una gran diferencia en una comunidad, Peggy Stokman en Melrose es una de ellas. (12/12/2012)
Luisa Trapero es una rareza, una funcionaria latina electa en una de las ciudades secundarias de Minnesota. A ella le gustaría ayudar a otros latinos a tomar medidas para salvar la brecha entre las culturas latinas y anglo que frecuentemente existen al lado la una de la otra. (12/12/2012)
Venezuelan native Windy Roberts uses language to bring two cultures together in the western Minnesota university town of Morris, where a large dairy operation draws skilled veterinarians from Mexico. (12/12/2012)
La venezolana Windy Roberts usa el idioma para acercar a dos culturas en el pueblo universitario de Morris al oeste de Minnesota en el que una operacióón de una enorme empresa lechera atrae a veterinarios especializados de México. (12/12/2012)
St. James resident Irma Marquez this month became one of the earliest Latinos in the nation to received deferred status allowing her legally to stay in the United States for two years and to find work. Acceptance marked a milestone in a long journey, one that still leaves her with challenges. (12/12/2012)
After two years of Republican control, DFL comes back strong. (11/07/2012)
Whether Republicans or Democrats will hold majorities in the Minnesota House and Senate come January is a question voters across the state are answering today. (11/06/2012)
The leadup to yesterday's election in Minnesota was atypical in its over-the-top rhetoric and record campaign spending. Yet with few exceptions, the polls ran smoothly. (11/06/2012)
Ground Level is an MPR News project providing news coverage, resources, connections and conversations on important topics in Minnesota communities. (10/19/2012)
In an environment that increasingly rewards mergers, some hospitals and doctors are taking steps to maintain their independence. (09/20/2012)
Communities that want or need to find a larger hospital partner can improve their bargaining efforts, say some who have been through it. (09/20/2012)
Outstate Minnesota hospitals are experiencing a new round of consolidations that can add services to communities and let patients stay closer to home but that inevitably lead to the loss of local control. (09/20/2012)
In the Minnesota countryside, sheer isolation can make domestic violence both dangerous for victims and complicated for police. The nearest neighbors may be miles away. Cell phone reception is often poor. Transportation options, beyond driving, can be limited or nonexistent. (The Daily Circuit, 08/15/2012)
Making do is a recurrent theme for the team of 16 officers, deputies, sheriffs and chiefs from a range of western Minnesota law enforcement agencies making up the West Central S.W.A.T. (08/15/2012)