Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

Hundreds of land managers from more than 70 American Indian tribes across the country are in the Twin Cities this week to discuss implementing a landmark settlement with the federal government. (04/08/2014)
Lois Quam had recently served as a special adviser to U.S. Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry focusing on global health and public-private partnerships. (04/04/2014)
Several hundred activists gathered Thursday to speak for an against a plan by Enbridge Energy to expand an oil pipeline project. (04/03/2014)
State regulators have already signed off on Enbridge's plan to increase capacity to 570,000 barrels per day. Now the company is asking the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to approve an increased capacity of 800,000 barrels per day. (04/03/2014)
Gusty winds have carried smoke from Kansas wildfires into Minnesota and the fine particles from the smoke are at a level that state officials consider unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children and the elderly. (03/31/2014)
The Geronimo Energy Aurora project, which will be built on 20 different sites throughout the state next to Xcel substations, will give the state about eight times the solar energy output currently produced. (03/27/2014)
The full effect of the spill is not yet known, but oil-covered loons have already been found and the oil could hurt many other birds. (03/26/2014)
Fisheries managers are liberalizing the rules for taking northern pike and smallmouth bass in an effort to revive the big lake's struggling walleye population. (03/25/2014)
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will share its replacement plan for the city's ash trees during a series of public meetings starting this week (03/23/2014)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is considering bringing bison to Minneopa State Park in Mankato. (03/22/2014)
The system, which company officials say makes up roughly half of the overall project, will remove sulfur and nitrogen from gasoline and convert it into a liquid fertilizer. (03/19/2014)
To help Minnesotans make the switch, state officials are reopening an incentive program for homeowners and businesses that want to install solar hot water and space heating systems. (03/18/2014)
The nearly 50,000 comments the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has collected on the PolyMet copper-nickel mining proposal include e-mails, hand-written letters and postcards, and even full research reports containing hundreds of pages of graphs and data analysis. (03/14/2014)
The assessment was far better than the rating PolyMet's environmental study received four years ago. EPA said then that the study provided an inadequate assessment of the proposed mine's effects on the environment. (03/14/2014)
Although the Department of Natural Resources has already received over 40,000 comments, there's one particular letter everyone following the project is waiting for: the EPA's. (03/13/2014)