Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

Minneapolis police are investigating a shooting death that occurred early Saturday morning. (03/07/2015)
Leaders from St. Paul and other cities around the country gathered in Washington, D.C. to discuss the role cities should play in global climate change efforts. (03/07/2015)
The company says the new policy ensures the pulp and paper in its products will come from sustainable sources. ForestEthics, a group that long criticized 3M's paper buying, applauded the move. (03/05/2015)
Republicans and Democrats from the Iron Range and other parts of the state want to give the Legislature -- not scientists -- the power to set water protection measures. (02/20/2015)
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Thursday signed off on plans for projects near North Branch, Marshall and Tracy capable of powering 41,000 homes. (02/12/2015)
Eight years ago, Minnesota leaders were out front in calling for more renewable energy and trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Lately, that push has faltered. (02/06/2015)
Allergy sufferers feel the effects of climate change, getting a double whammy from the mechanism that's making Minnesota warmer and wetter. (02/05/2015)
Confronting more frequent heavy rains, the state's farmers have extended farmland drainage. Higher crop yields is one result. Another: More dirty water is flowing downstream. (02/04/2015)
Explore the sources for our series "Climate Change in Minnesota" to learn more. (02/02/2015)
A century of data proves it: Climate changes have arrived in Minnesota. It's warmer on average, especially in winter, and heavier rain falls in bigger storms. Part of our week-long series, "Climate Change in Minnesota." (02/02/2015)
Hundreds of volunteers have been tracking Minnesota weather, and after more than 100 years, their work adds up to a measure of the changing climate. (02/02/2015)
Extreme heat events caused by climate change could transform the Midwest's economy, a Cargill executive and a former treasury secretary told a Minneapolis business crowd on Friday. (01/23/2015)
Work on the new Highway 43 bridge in Winona continues through the winter months, as construction crews are building the bridge piers over the Mississippi River. (01/19/2015)
Hundreds of marchers jammed University Avenue and nearby streets for about four hours Monday, as they called for an end to racial profiling, an independent citizen board to review police conduct and bias and cultural awareness training for police officers. (01/19/2015)
Despite its emissions goals, the utility stopped short of promising to retire part of its massive coal plant, the Sherburne County Generating Station. (01/02/2015)