Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

The Hennepin Energy Recovery Center is seeking a 20 percent increase in the amount of trash it can burn each day. But environmentalists say the city should reject the proposal because the incinerator already emits pollutants that can be harmful to people's health. (09/17/2013)
New Era Wind wrote to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission asking officials to terminate all pending matters in the case because the company does not intend to build the wind farm. The letter, which the PUC posted on Tuesday, caps a five-year fight a group of local residents have waged against the project. (09/17/2013)
Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation Charles Zelle joins us to discuss the shape of Minnesota's roads, different proposals on how to fund them and what happens if we don't. (The Daily Circuit, 09/16/2013)
One of the largest fires in Winona history swept through parts of downtown, wrecking historic buildings and businesses and chasing 16 people from their homes. (09/13/2013)
Eighteen Minnesota residents and their attorney today filed suit alleging their driver's license data was improperly accessed. (09/12/2013)
A Ramsey County judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the Department of Natural Resources. The suit claims the DNR has been allowing too much water to be drawn from an aquifer that affects White Bear Lake's water levels. (09/11/2013)
Consumers who purchased cinnamon rolls with "better if used by" dates of Oct. 30 or 31 should contact the company for a replacement. Two-pack cinnamon roll packages with "better if used by" dates of Oct. 18, 26 or 31 are also included in the recall. (09/10/2013)
Users of electronic cigarettes will now face the same restrictions as cigarette smokers after the Duluth City Council voted to impose restrictions. (The Daily Circuit, 09/10/2013)
Rockford, Minn. is now home to the first community solar installation in the state. (09/09/2013)
So far this year, farmers have applied for 466 irrigation permits -- more than twice the number of applications in all of last year. And data compiled by state officials show many farmers hope to irrigate even more of their fields. (09/08/2013)
Minnesotans' enthusiasm to hunt wolves appears to be down from last year, when 23,000 applied for licenses. This year it's 13,000. (09/06/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is making fewer wolf licenses available this year. The hunting season begins November 9. (09/05/2013)
The Planning Commission has approved a conditional use permit for Jordan Sands, an affiliate of Coughlan Companies, which is planning to mine 70 acres and use another 40 acres just north of the city for processing the sand. (08/29/2013)
Schools across southern Minnesota on Tuesday canceled or postponed athletic practices and released students early from school buildings without air conditioning as a heat wave continued. (08/27/2013)
Minneapolis police said the shooting happened just before 8:30 p.m. in an alley between the 2600 blocks of Cedar and 18th Avenues South. (08/26/2013)