Elizabeth Dunbar Feature Archive

Neighbors trying to stop a large hog feedlot from being built in central Minnesota are now challenging the state's decision to let the operation draw millions of gallons of groundwater. (12/04/2013)
A Rochester businessman who Minnesota Public Radio sued in October is denying the organization's claims that he and his company misappropriated nearly $315,000 over the last decade in a business deal. (12/03/2013)
PolyMet Mining hopes to be the first Minnesota company to mine copper, nickel and precious metals in northern Minnesota. The company's NorthMet project would be located north of Hoyt Lakes in the Superior National Forest. Below is a timeline of the company's history in Minnesota. (12/02/2013)
A study on how an open pit copper-nickel mine could change the landscape just north of the town of Hoyt Lakes will be released in a 1,800-page environmental impact statement available on Dec. 6. This map shows the locations of proposed sites for the PolyMet and Twin Metals copper-nickel mines northern Minnesota. (12/02/2013)
This Friday the public will get its first peek at a long anticipated environmental study of one of the state's most controversial development projects in years: copper and nickel mining in northeastern Minnesota. (12/02/2013)
A detailed look at copper-nickel mining proposals in northeastern Minnesota. (12/02/2013)
Hardware stores and government buildings throughout the state have put out collection bins for unwanted or broken holiday lights. (11/28/2013)
CenterPoint Energy does not need to increase customers' natural gas rates as much as it has requested, Minnesota Commerce Department officials said Tuesday. (11/26/2013)
Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most popular times between now and Christmas to buy a tree, so we put together some tips for those who plan to get one this year. (11/25/2013)
Minnesota environmental groups and wind energy advocates are urging Congress to renew federal tax credits for renewable energy projects that are set to expire at the end of the year. (11/20/2013)
A program that pays landowners to practice sustainable forestry lacks oversight and should be repealed or overhauled, according to the Minnesota Legislative Auditor. (11/19/2013)
Popular Twin Cities lakes that have long been considered "impaired" because of algae and contaminants are now facing another pollutant: road salt. (11/18/2013)
Food waste and other organic material made up nearly a third of what Minnesotans sent to landfills in 2012, according to a new state study. MPCA Commissioner John Linc Stine called the report a "wake-up call," pointing to the large amount of recyclable material being thrown away. (11/18/2013)
The council that recommends how the state should spend Legacy Fund money on the outdoors is criticizing an invasive species project for being too vague and possibly violating the intent of the constitutional amendment. (11/14/2013)
Wilder said most male homeless veterans in Minnesota are over age 50, and about a third are black. A quarter of the homeless veterans reported serving in a combat zone, and nearly half of them reported health problems related to their service. (11/13/2013)