Kevin Kling

Playwright and author
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Kevin Kling
Once, he prayed for things; then he prayed for help; now he prays for something else. (11/20/2012)
Kevin Kling
Traveling was usually just about motion. Until, one day, he had a destination. (06/15/2012)
Kevin Kling
How a young romantic learned the benefits of audacity. (02/14/2012)
This weekend at the Fitzgerald Theater here in St. Paul, playwright and storyteller Kevin Kling will present a new work called "Of Mirth and Mischief." (12/14/2011)
Minnesota storyteller, playwright and humorist Kevin Kling's "State Fair Polka." (08/26/2011)
A day at the Minnesota State Fair, as imagined by local humorist, author and playwright Kevin Kling. (08/25/2011)
Playwright Kevin Kling will always remember the Metrodome as the place where Minnesota went from being an also-ran to a champion. (10/01/2009)