Jeffrey Thompson Feature Archive

Donovan Palmquist, 57, grew up thinking his devotion to fly fishing would lead to a career in biology, maybe veterinary medicine. But praise for his pottery from a college professor swayed him away from natural science and toward art. He and his partner Colleen Riley live on 14 acres near Farmington, Minn. -- plenty of room for their studios and kilns. (10/19/2012)
The Cottage View Drive-In held a community event Thursday to celebrate the theater's 46-year history and to bid farewell to the Cottage Grove, Minn. landmark. The theater, which is only one of two remaining in the Twin Cities, is closing at the end of this season and will be replaced by a Walmart. Patrons filled the parking lot for a sing-along version of "Grease", exhibited classic cars and competed in a costume contest. The theater will remain open during weekends into October, depending on weather conditions. (09/28/2012)
Minnesota Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon jumped out of an airplane today and said she's willing do it again. Prettner Solon's tandem jump with the U.S. Army Parachute Team was to raise awareness for groups that support people who serve in the armed forces and their families. (09/25/2012)
The fall harvest is under way at Prairie Restorations, Inc. in Princeton, Minn., where more than 100 native plant species are grown and sold. The business, which was started by two brothers in 1977, specializes in the supply and support of native prairie, wetland, woodland and shoreline plant communities. Owner Ron Bowen said the company restores about 1,500 acres of prairie a year and produces seed for roughly 5,000 acres of prairie a year. (09/19/2012)
This is a look at some moments at this year's Minnesota State Fair through a format called the cinemagraph. These animated GIFs are made by combining video and still photos, isolating selective movements in each frame. (08/31/2012)
Officials estimate 1.8 million people will come out for the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, which features this year a Middle Eastern dish of marinated lamb testicles, old favorites like the swine barn and a wine contest. (08/23/2012)
Members of the public, including an IT consultant, a plastic surgeon and a former Marine, recently attended an interactive reenactment of last year's Osama bin Laden raid at Sealed Mindset, a self-defense training center New Hope, Minn. (08/17/2012)
Compare photos of north Minneapolis taken before and after cleanup of the 2011 tornado. (05/22/2012)
After more than eight hours of often impassioned debate Monday night, the Minnesota House of Representatives approved funding for a $975 million Vikings stadium at the site of the Metrodome in Minneapolis. A loud and colorful contingent of Vikings fans were on hand as lawmakers deliberated. (05/08/2012)
Today is graduation day for the fifth class of St. Paul's Emergency Medical Services Academy. Most are students of color. The city program was created to diversify the pipeline of emergency medical technicians in Minnesota, where the field remains largely the province of white men. (04/16/2012)
Baseball fans turn out to see the Minnesota Twins' home opener against the Los Angeles Angels. (04/09/2012)
Signs of spring can be seen several weeks earlier than normal in Minnesota. We visited Battle Creek Regional Park in Maplewood and the Peace Garden in Minneapolis to get a closer look. (03/30/2012)
More than a thousand opponents of a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage rallied outside the Capitol Thursday, March 29, 2012. Speakers included lawmakers, clergy, representatives of labor and immigrant groups, and a graduate of Blaine High School who talked about the bullying he endured for being gay. (03/29/2012)
First lady Michelle Obama met with military members and their families during a stop in St. Paul Friday. She also attended a private Democratic fundraiser at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. (03/16/2012)
Abdirizak Mahboub, Sahra Gure and their three children have been living in the traditionally Scandinavian community of Willmar, Minn. for about six months. Like many families in the area, they are learning to navigate the cultural melting pot Willmar has become. (03/14/2012)