Jim McGuinn Feature Archive

The Current's Program Director, Jim McGuinn, describes a pivotal moment in his teen years when the music of Paul Weller ultimately set him on his life's path. (09/10/2014)
A few weeks ago, Jim McGuinn wrote a post wondering about LinkedIn after receiving a mysterious invitation. Reaction to the post was varied, to say the least, but the State Fair offered a chance for Jim McGuinn and Scott Stapp to meet in person. (08/26/2014)
Just in case anyone doubted Program Director Jim McGuinn's creed -- er, cred -- he received a mysterious invitation via LinkedIn this week. (08/05/2014)
Jungle haven't even released their first album, but they're already a global sensation among music fans whose ears have been caught by their unique, darkly danceable sound blending influences from disco to electro to classic soul. (06/14/2014)
The Current's program director, Jim McGuinn, follows in the steps of Neil Young and cuts a vinyl recording in the booth at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tenn. (05/13/2014)
With their new album, 'Turn Blue', the Black Keys stretch out -- pulling their music like funhouse taffy into new and interesting shapes. (05/12/2014)
Imagine growing up without rock and roll in your house. It would seem unlikely that you'd end up becoming our state's preeminent songwriter of the past decade - unless you're Jeremy Messersmith. (03/04/2014)
Jeremy Messersmith's new album expands on the sound of his previous work, with more propulsion in the drums, more deft deployment of strings, more muscle in the guitars and more great songs from Minnesota's current (and Current) favorite son. (02/03/2014)
Program Director Jim McGuinn's picks for the best music of 2013. (12/02/2013)
<i>Songs for Slim</i> works on so many levels: It helps out Slim Dunlap while at the same time making the case for the beauty and quality of his work. Respect and love permeates the album. (11/25/2013)
Essential as breathing to musicheads and to anyone alive, <i>Let It Be</i> sums up the Replacements &#151; from the iconic cover photo to the last cacophonous note. If the Replacements never recorded another song, their reputation and impact would still be massive. (09/04/2013)
Highlights of the final day included sets from Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Alt-J and more - but the most important show wasn't at Lollapalooza at all. The place to be was the Cabaret Metro after-party for the final performance ever by The Postal Service. (08/05/2013)
MTV might not be your go-to for finding the best new music videos anymore (or music for that matter -- we've got you covered there), but the Music Television channel did have its glory days. This week on Teenage Kicks, Program Director and your host Jim McGuinn features tracks with the best videos from the first five years of MTV's broadcast infancy. (08/03/2013)
The Current is giving one lucky listener an opportunity to win a deluxe <em>Wings Over America</em> box set prize package in light of its recent reissue on Hear Music Records. (07/28/2013)
It's weird to say, but <em>That's It!</em>, the new album from Preservation Hall Jazz Band, is about 100 years in the making. Not that the songs are 100 years old, or the musicians, but the spirit and roots of this music harkens back to the earliest days of 20th Century New Orleans jazz, while at the same time taking a cherished institution and pointing it to the future. (07/08/2013)