David Campbell Feature Archive

Lookbook started as a side-project for Maggie Morrison and Grant Cutler. Their sound can be described as a sonic mixture of 80s dance music and a sci-fi movie soundtrack. (10/06/2009)
David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey started their musical journey in Arizona shortly before moving to Minneapolis to join the ranks of their musical influences. In 2007 the group was signed to Red House Records and have just released their third album, "Tremolo." (09/27/2009)
For the past five years James Buckley has been at the forefront of the Twin Cities music community, from his early days playing bass with the experimental Poor Line Condition to his recent work with The Pines, some say Buckley is prolific. (09/23/2009)
Red Pens are Howard W. Hamilton III and Laura F. Bennet. The duo met when a friend introduced them to work on an art project. Their unique sound and ambitious schedule of weekly shows has made them one of the most talked about bands in the Twin Cities. (09/17/2009)
Local artists The Chambermaids are lead by sibling duo Neil and Martha Weir. They released their debut self-titled album on Modern Radio Records in 2006. (08/19/2009)
Brothers Jim and Mike Blaha, along with Dave Roper, started The Blind Shake and released their first recording in 2004. They have gone on to release two full length albums and a handful of 7" records. (08/03/2009)
It's been five years since the release of "E&A," the second album from Twin Cities hip-hop duo Eyedea and Abilities. (07/26/2009)
The three-piece band Double Bird is comprised of bassist Pete Biasi, Ben Ivascu on drums, and David Storberg on guitar. They may have the best name in the Twin Cities but they have yet to record and release an album. (07/20/2009)
From hypeman to frontman, Toki Wright has made a name for himself in the Twin Cities hip-hop community. (07/13/2009)
Hootenanny isn't a band - it's an event. Jim Walsh gathers local musicians to play music and share stories. (06/28/2009)
Two Harbors are finding out what it's like to be a new band all over again. Formerly known as Colonial Vipers Attack, Chris Pavlich and Kris Johnson teamed up with Ed Ackerson to release their new album "What I Keep Inside." (06/21/2009)
Before the release of their debut full length, Solid Gold had already built a strong fanbase in the Twin Cities and Europe. After a breakneck touring schedule, the band received much deserved attention following the release of their latest album "Bodies of Water." (06/12/2009)
Camera Obscura has toyed with its expansive sound and size over the last decade, arriving after three albums in a sound that nurtures their delicate lyrics while pushing their pop roots forward. (06/06/2009)
Eric Lovold, Joe Kuefler and Ryan McMillan formed the Alarmists in 2001. After two albums and a few line-up changes, the band is set to release their third album, "The Overhead Left." (06/04/2009)
In 2007, Maria Isa performed at First Avenue's "Best New Band" showcase and was quickly named a rising star in the Twin Cities hip-hop scene. On her new album "Street Politics," Maria to fuses hip hop with traditional Afro-Boricua rhythms of Bomba and Plena. (05/26/2009)