David Campbell Feature Archive

After a seven year run, Spaghetti Western String Co. is releasing their third and final full-length. The local quartet is parting under amicable conditions and likens the split to time and financial restrictions. (06/13/2010)
Brett Bullion and Adam Wozniak abandon tradition in their experimental electro act Tarlton. On the same wavelength as Dosh, Tarlton is lead by Brett the drumming circuit bending pro. (05/09/2010)
Having spent many days touring and playing abroad, this band has been dialing in on their dark and dreamy Eastern-European sound. (04/18/2010)
Trampled By Turtles have long been the beloved string-shredding sons of Duluth. Be it the northern climate or the band's punk and rock roots Trampled By Turtles play with a fury and vigor most "plugged-in" bands could only dream of. (04/01/2010)
Dosh is a master at creating lush soundscapes with little more than a piano, drums and a few choice electronics. Enlisting help from friends such as Andrew Bird, Mike Lewis, Jeremy Ylvisaker and more, Dosh has created his fifth album, "Tommy." (04/01/2010)
Proclaiming to be better than both birthday cake and birthday parties, the local duo Birthday Suits blow out the candles with their heavy hitting noise-rock. (03/17/2010)
Named after a Neutral Milk Hotel song, Communist Daughter is the newest project from the former front-man of Friends Like These, Johnny Solomon. (03/17/2010)
Local indie rockers One For The Team have done it again. Their third full length release "Ghosts" is a collection of heavy hitting pop anthems. (03/17/2010)
Bill Caperton and Mike Gunnerson, both formerly of Ela, spent 10 days in a northwoods cabin writing and recording music. (03/02/2010)
Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Kyle "Guante" has been making noise in the Minneapolis hip-hop and spoken word scenes for the past few years. Guante is a performer, slam poetry workshop facilitator and spoken word champion. (02/08/2010)
Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps released their debut album, "Backyard Tent Set" in 2008. After being named one of the best new bands that year, the group has slowly built a local following among indie folk fans. (02/02/2010)
The Daredevil Christopher Wright is a vivacious cannonball of pop, rock, and folk erupting from Northern Wisconsin. (01/28/2010)
The Plastic Constellations first hit the scene in 1995 as teenagers and reunited for Modern Radio Record Label's 10 year anniversary show.. (01/19/2010)
Minnesota mainstays Matt Wilson and John Munson have musically merged once again as The Twilight Hours. The duo found success in their early incarnation Trip Shakespeare and apart in bands such as Semisonic and Polara. (01/08/2010)
The Arms Akimbo is made up of brothers Nick and Ian Schaster and friend Chris Dillon. After a brief stint as The Serfs, the trio reformed in early 2009 with a new name and sound. (01/08/2010)