Paul Tosto Feature Archive

Questions and answers about the push to build a new bridge across the St. Croix at Stillwater. (02/29/2012)
MPR News primer on supermajorities to raise taxes. (02/24/2012)
It's a topic so controversial, backers and opponents can't even agree on how to describe it. Republicans call it "right-to-work." Democrats say it has nothing to do with anyone's rights and everything to do with squeezing worker pay and weakening unions. (02/02/2012)
Questions and answers about the proposals for building a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. (01/11/2012)
It was founded before the revolution. Its fundamental mission is written into the U.S. Constitution. But it's been a long time since anyone saluted the U.S. Postal Service, which showed again today that in an Internet age it's struggling simply to survive. (12/05/2011)
All day Tuesday, Oct. 25, The Big Story Blog followed the Minnesota mortgage mess after President Obama announced a new plan to provide some refinancing relief for Americans who are "underwater" on their mortgages. Here are some conclusions: (10/25/2011)
In Minnesota, local governments are watching markets closely this morning to figure out if the downgrade in the national debt credit rating will affect them. (08/08/2011)
Bars and other businesses unable to buy beer and other alcoholic beverages because of the state government shutdown better hope lawmakers finish a budget deal this week because they won't be getting any help from the courts. (07/18/2011)
The governor says he will resume negotiations with GOP leaders after the Independence Day holiday. (07/01/2011)
Seventeen thousand Minnesotans 55 and older were unemployed on average in 2007 just before the Great Recession. Last year it hit 34,000. Most of those job cuts came to people 55 to 64 years old. (05/03/2011)
Mara Solberg and her husband Warren live 300 feet from the Wild Rice River on their Horace, N.D., farm. They expect both roads from their home will be impassable soon, but don't plan to leave. (04/06/2011)
Last week was good for jobless rates. Minnesota's January rate fell below 7 percent, the first time since 2008 the announced monthly rate was less than seven. Earlier today, the U.S. rate also fell to a nearly two year low. And yet we know the announced rate never tells the complete story of the job markets. (03/07/2011)
As bad as it's been, the state's monthly unemployment data has brought bits of encouraging news to the state's job markets at some point during the year. But not in construction. (01/21/2011)
Job. No job. That remains the bright line dividing Minnesotans who are feeling an economic recovery and those who aren't. The phenomenon can be seen in all kinds of economic data, including the latest report from the Minnesota Housing Partnership. (12/23/2010)
A recent online ad for a $700 suburban house rental seemed too good to be true -- and it was. (05/17/2010)