Elizabeth Baier Feature Archive

A first debate between Congressman Tim Walz and his Republican challenger, former state Rep. Allen Quist, included feisty exchanges on the economy, jobs and the Affordable Care Act. (09/27/2012)
Apple lovers may have a hard time finding locally-grown Honeycrisp apples this year. Unusually warm weather in March and hard frost in April killed off apple blossoms. The thousands of apples that remained on trees were damaged by summer hail storms and drought. (09/26/2012)
A Blue Earth County judge has granted a defense attorney access to videos that resulted in child pornography charges against Minnesota State University Mankato football coach Todd Hoffner. (09/18/2012)
A school in Rochester works to prepare immigrant and minority students for fields such as microbiology, nursing and engineering. Some people are betting the school, now in its second year, can help students who struggle in traditional schools find careers to build successful futures. (09/18/2012)
There is no specific data that show exactly how many bilingual workers there are in Minnesota. And while demand for bilingual employees in Minnesota is far from a trend, there are some customer service jobs where language skills are a plus. (08/30/2012)
Thursday is move-in day at Minnesota State University in Mankato and thousands of new students will descend on campus to prepare for a new school year. In addition to student orientations and new roommates, they'll encounter a community reeling with disbelief, as the university's head football coach faces accusations involving child pornography. (08/23/2012)
The head football coach at Minnesota State University, Mankato was arraigned Wednesday on charges of using underage people in a sexual performance and possession of child pornography. (08/22/2012)
For many Mayo Clinic patients, a trip to the doctor involves a day or two of back-to-back exams and then a trip back home. But for thousands of others, it means creating a home away from home at a stressful time. Here's one example. (08/21/2012)
Three Zumbrota-Mazeppa students claim in a lawsuit filed in federal court that the school district and four employees failed to address racial harassment and discrimination. (08/13/2012)
While there are some dry spots around Minnesota, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the state's farmers will produce slightly more corn this year than last year. (08/13/2012)
The harvest forecast for the nation's corn and soybean crop doesn't look good, the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed today, but Minnesota is managing to buck the trend. (08/10/2012)
The USDA estimates the 2012 Minnesota corn crop at 1.27 billion bushels, slightly better than last year's production. (08/10/2012)
About a hundred people marched through Albert Lea on Monday evening to protest a sign that calls for the deportation of illegal immigrants. (08/06/2012)
Amish families fear the burgeoning silica sand mining industry in southeastern Minnesota could harm their way of life. (07/05/2012)
The wild parsnip is in bloom. The wildflower may be pretty, but touch it with bare skin and you'll get painful blisters. State DNR officials and conservation groups are trying to remove the invasive plant in parts of southeastern Minnesota. (06/22/2012)