Elizabeth Baier Feature Archive

This week's high temperatures have dairy farmers across central and southern Minnesota on alert as the heat and humidity can hamper a cow's ability to produce milk. (07/17/2013)
The presence of an invasive insect that can damage berry crops has been detected and confirmed by researchers at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. (07/16/2013)
For years, a loved old school in Kasson, Minn., has been slated for demolition. But some residents are fighting to preserve it. (07/05/2013)
Recent storms and heavy rainfall have delayed the summer tourism season in parts of southeastern Minnesota. Until this week, many outfitters in Lanesboro advised paddlers and rafters to stay off the Root River because the high water created unpredictable currents. (07/05/2013)
In a small room inside Gary Kieffer's dairy barn, a cow walks into a metal box. It's milking time on the farm. Humans are not required. (07/01/2013)
The Rochester City Council recently voted to share its sales tax revenue with 17 small towns in southeastern Minnesota. The allocation comes after Rochester voters last fall to approve an extension of the local sales tax. The city will distribute $5 million to help support economic development projects. (06/27/2013)
Rochester leaders voted recently to share part of the city's new sales tax revenue with 17 small towns in the area. Officials in the recipient cities, where town survival is seen as tied directly to what happens in Rochester, say the disbursement help boost projects that would have taken much longer. (06/27/2013)
Xcel Energy is asking a court to throw out purchase agreements with the New Era Wind company over a project in Goodhue County that has been stalled for more than four years. (06/19/2013)
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic say nearly 70 percent of Olmsted County residents are on at least one prescription medication, and more than half take two. (06/19/2013)
After almost two years of debate, the Goodhue County Board of Commissioners approved two ordinances that will regulate the silica sand mining industry. (06/18/2013)
Aid for Minnesota livestock farmers who have lost nearly a million acres of alfalfa this year is being requested from the federal government by Gov. Mark Dayton. (06/17/2013)
A new program designed to serve healthy, locally grown food to young children kicks off on Monday at 62 child care centers around Minnesota. (06/17/2013)
Mayo Medical School is one of 11 medical schools across the country to each receive a $1 million grant from the American Medical Association to help transform the way medical students are trained. (06/15/2013)
Two Kasson, Minn. residents are asking a judge to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent the demolition of the city's historic public school building. (06/14/2013)
Fergus Falls city officials have agreed to allow a developer from Georgia to convert a vacant regional treatment center into a $41 million facility featuring apartments, a hotel, a gym, and restaurants. (06/13/2013)