Dr. Jon Hallberg Feature Archive

With the start of school, parents have to make sure their children's vaccines are up to date. (09/03/2013)
Cash incentives are increasingly being used to entice patients to lose weight, stop smoking, or otherwise get healthy. (08/13/2013)
General health checks are included in the Affordable Care Act and they are now covered in a variety of health care plans. But how effective are they? (06/25/2013)
MPR's regular medical analyst Jon Hallberg joined Tom Crann on All Things Considered to discuss the rising number of chlamydia cases in Minnesota. (04/16/2013)
Despite recommendations by doctors, fewer parents are actually getting their children vaccinated against human papillomavirus. (03/19/2013)
MPR's Tom Crann spoke with All Things Considered's regular medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg about a recent obesity study. (02/26/2013)
DMAA is a popular supplement with athletes, or people looking for a edge in their workout. But some side effects have the U.S. Food and Drug Administration looking into it. (02/19/2013)
On this week of St. Valentine's Day, Dr. Jon Hallberg about the central role the heart plays in our health. (02/12/2013)
At least 1 in 10 patients are readmitted after a hospital stay. As more hospitals are rated on their readmissions, the current issue of JAMA is focused on their prevention. ATC medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg talks about the factors that lead to return hospital stays, and what could change to decrease their occurrence. (01/29/2013)
More than 35 percent of Americans have tried to diagnose an ache or pain using the Internet, according to a new study by the Pew Internet and American Life project. (01/22/2013)
Flu season has arrived. Since late last year, the Minnesota Department of Health has classified influenza as "widespread" here in the state. Some are questioning the effectiveness and availability of the flu vaccine. (01/15/2013)
MPR's medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg joined All Things Considered Tuesday to talk about what he considered the top 10 medical stories of the year, including fungal meningitis, hepatitis C and health issues surrounding Hurricane Sandy. (12/18/2012)
Dr. Jon Hallberg, a physician in family medicine at the University of Minnesota, spoke on All Things Considered about some of the latest thinking on HIV/AIDS. (12/04/2012)
A new report found routine mammograms have led more than one million women to receive unnecessary breast cancer treatment. (11/27/2012)
Dr. Jon Hallberg, MPR's medical analyst and a physician in family medicine at the U of M, speaks on initiatives in the military to use the arts to help soldiers heal. (11/20/2012)