Peter Smith Feature Archive

Essayist Peter Smith sees his attitude toward soccer shifting ... but only a little. (06/15/2010)
Watch it on TV or follow it on the Internet, and the Gulf oil spill seems both surreal and far away. But essayist Peter Smith says the lessons of the spill apply right here in Minnesota. (06/08/2010)
Garage sales offer a unique window into the lives of your neighbors, but essayist Peter Smith says sometimes that's a window better left closed. (06/01/2010)
A beautiful day like today can easily get you dreaming about summer vacation. Minnesota Public Radio essayist Peter Smith is taking some time off this summer, and if you're like many Minnesotans, his plans will sound strangely familiar. (05/18/2010)
Some people say the climate is changing. That the weather is becoming more erratic. Others say, "Naaah. There's nothing to it. Relax. Everything's going to be fine." Essayist Peter Smith says "I wish the 'Nothing to it' crowd could have joined our little gaggle of parents at the junior high tennis match after school the other day." (05/11/2010)
It's the season for pursuing pan fish, including that Minnesota favorite the crappie. As essayist Peter Smith explains, the crappie season will having an impact on many family budgets. (04/27/2010)
Essayist Peter Smith talks about growing up "husky." (03/23/2010)
It's the age of Play Station, computer games, Blue-Ray DVD, iPods, Face Book and the Internet. And, while younger Minnesotans ride fun and games off into a high tech future, essayist Peter Smith hopes they'll take one endangered, decidedly low tech Minnesota card game along with them. (03/16/2010)
There may be two feet of snow on the ground all over Twins Territory, but down in Florida, the Minnesota Twins have tied on the spikes and trotted out onto the field for spring training. They made the playoffs last fall. They've got a shiny new stadium this spring. And they've got fans like Peter Smith asking: just what lies ahead for this team? (03/02/2010)
Have you noticed those beautiful icicles everywhere? While they are pretty, the icicles are also a sign you probably have ice dams that could make your roof leak. And ice dams have got Minnesota homeowners like essayist Peter Smith thinking a few not-so-beautiful thoughts. (02/16/2010)
For some Minnesotans, few sounds are as hauntingly beautiful this time of year as an owl in the night. Others, like essayist Peter Smith, wouldn't mind a little peace and quiet. (02/09/2010)
There's a little bit of that small town, "play-it-close-to-the-vest" Minnesotan inside every Vikings fan right now. (01/22/2010)
Here we are in the dead of winter -- a season that can be tough on Minnesota marriages. But essayist Peter Smith says relief may be as close as the nearest ice fishing shack. (01/19/2010)
Essayist Peter Smith says the week between Christmas and New Year's Day is the perfect time to indulge in one of his favorite activities, taking a nap. (12/29/2009)
Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice. But essayist Peter Smith says when he was growing up, it didn't matter if he was naughty or nice. Smith came from a huge family, and even Santa had to be practical. (12/15/2009)