Nanci Olesen Feature Archive

A new study of married parents who both work outside the home finds that men and women experience stress differently after work. If a couple is in a satisfactory marriage, stress levels decline in the evening. But women in unsatisfactory marriages often take on the stress of a "second shift" of responsibility at home. (01/09/2008)
Looking for a New Years resolution? How about resolving to eat together as a family? Nanci Olesen, who reports on family matters for Minnesota Public Radio, says research shows eating together is good for us. (01/01/2008)
Fresh sauteed organically grown kale. Free range, antibiotic-free, oven-roasted chicken. Locally grown apples and Minnesota maple syrup reduced to a simmering sauce. It sounds like a menu at a fine restaurant. But sustainable, locally grown, organic foods like these are showing up in hospitals around the country. (12/31/2007)
A new study says having kids does not make men happier. The study from the Institute for Social and Economic Research in England says becoming a father fails to increase "life satisfaction" for men. And for women, having kids only makes them happier once the kids are in school. (12/18/2007)