Tom Weber Feature Archive

This morning, we're talking about noise pollution and the negative health affects it can cause. In Minneapolis' Seward neighborhood, you can find the world's quietest room. (The Daily Circuit, 04/03/2012)
The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra will offer $5-a-month memberships that allow members to attend as many concerts as they want starting this fall. (The Daily Circuit, 04/03/2012)
We know that the sun is a great source of vitamin D, but given the risks of sun exposure, can humans get enough vitamin D elsewhere? (The Daily Circuit, 04/02/2012)
Another stopgap funding bill for transportation is heading to President Obama's desk after Congress passed legislation yesterday to keep road and transit projects funded for another three months. (The Daily Circuit, 03/30/2012)
If you've ever seen the documentary "Wordplay" you'll know the world of crossword puzzles can be a fierce competition. The Friends of the St. Paul Library will hold its first-ever Minnesota Crossword Tournament tonight in St. Paul. (The Daily Circuit, 03/30/2012)
Author, humorist and self-proclaimed "minor television personality and now deranged millionaire" John Hodgman is bringing his message of apocalypse -- the prominent theme of his most recent book, "That Is All" -- to the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis Thursday evening. (The Daily Circuit, 03/28/2012)
During a show last week, scholar Susan Jacoby said people attending a year or two of community colleges "might prepare you for a job or they may not, [but] you're not learning very much in them." (The Daily Circuit, 03/27/2012)
Ahmed Rashid, a Pakistani journalist based in Lahore, will join The Daily Circuit Tuesday to talk about the current state of relations between Pakistan and the United States. (The Daily Circuit, 03/26/2012)
The federal health care overhaul, a key legislative agenda item for President Obama, became law two years ago Friday. To mark the anniversary, political rhetoric over the law has ramped up. Supporters and opponents of the law are marking the anniversary in Minnesota. (The Daily Circuit, 03/22/2012)
A new video series explores the 'moments' in several voters' lives when they solidified their views on marriage and their vote on the marriage amendment in November. (The Daily Circuit, 03/21/2012)
Republicans in the Minnesota House passed a proposed constitutional amendment early Wednesday morning that would require all voters to show photo identification at the polls. If we are heading for a vote this fall with a voter ID amendment on the ballot, what would that campaign look like? (The Daily Circuit, 03/21/2012)
The Minnesota high school boy's basketball tournament gets underway Wednesday at the Target Center in Minneapolis and this year marks the state's 100th boy's basketball tournament. (The Daily Circuit, 03/21/2012)
Late last week, five south African countries agreed to create a huge conservation area to protect animals endangered by poaching -- including rhinos. (The Daily Circuit, 03/19/2012)
Public hearings Tuesday and Wednesday evening will give the public one last chance to weigh in on new ward maps for the city of Minneapolis. (The Daily Circuit, 03/19/2012)
Next month, five of the best Minnesota high school classical and musical theatre performers will do a showcase at the Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul. One of the five at the Minnesota Varsity showcase will be determined by a public vote. (The Daily Circuit, 03/15/2012)