Tom Weber Feature Archive

A 10th-grade English teacher has been named Minnesota Teacher of the Year. Jackie Roehl has taught at Edina High School since 1998 and works to improve minority student achievement. (The Daily Circuit, 05/08/2012)
The number of Minnesota students who rely on free or reduced lunch rose two percent this school year, according to new numbers analyzed by MPR News. That number is one of the best indicators of children in poverty. (The Daily Circuit, 05/07/2012)
Gary Knell, the president of National Public Radio, was in town this week. He's been on the job a few months now, so he is making trips across the country to meet with leaders at local public radio member stations. He took some time to speak with The Daily Circuit. (The Daily Circuit, 05/02/2012)
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Friday to hold down interest rates on some student loans. But the measure faces a veto threat from President Obama, who doesn't like the funding source. Republican Rep. John Kline spoke to The Daily Circuit shortly after the vote. (The Daily Circuit, 04/26/2012)
MacArthur Fellow and jazz musician Dafnis Prieto was in the Twin Cities recently and came by the MPR studios to talk to The Daily Circuit about his music and perform. (The Daily Circuit, 04/26/2012)
A panel of University of Minnesota regents is meeting Thursday to review the University of Minnesota's compensation policy for top administrators. (The Daily Circuit, 04/26/2012)
The number of requests for beekeeping permits is spiking in Minneapolis, nearly two years after it was legalized. It's still a relatively small number -fewer than four dozen--but it represents a four-fold increase over last year. (04/25/2012)
Minnesota's Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson will testify Wednesday at a hearing in Washington on government oversight of Medicaid programs. MPR News reporter Elizabeth Dunbar gives us the details. (The Daily Circuit, 04/24/2012)
There will be two auctions Tuesday at Swann Galleries in New York that include several items from the Minnesota Historical Society. The items include several autographs of presidents and other historic figures. (The Daily Circuit, 04/16/2012)
Even though most of us were born into a solar system with nine planets, we now live in a solar system of eight thanks to the work of Mike Brown five-and-a-half years ago. His discovery led to an international body of astronomers demoting Pluto from a planet to a new category of dwarf planet. (The Daily Circuit, 04/15/2012)
Nearly 3,000 Minnesota National Guard soldiers are scheduled to return from deployments in Afghanistan and Kuwait over the next three weeks. But a rule change by the Defense Department will leave returning soldiers with significantly reduced paid leave. (04/09/2012)
Twins fans all know and love the fight song "Win Twins" that dates back to when the Twins first moved to Minnesota in 1961. As much as we love it, let's ask the question: Is there room for another song, perhaps an anthem? (The Daily Circuit, 04/06/2012)
Twins fans might be a little nervous on today's opening day. After the last place, 99-loss debacle of a season last year, what can we expect this year? (The Daily Circuit, 04/06/2012)
The Cedar-Riverside Plaza complex was placed on the National Register of Historic Preservation two years ago leaving many to wonder why. Can some of Ralph Rapson's vision still be captured? (The Daily Circuit, 04/04/2012)
President Obama will sign the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge Act, or STOCK Act, into law Wednesday. (The Daily Circuit, 04/04/2012)