Tom Weber Feature Archive

Dennis Olson, a member a member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, was named the new director of American Indian Education at the Minnesota Department of Education in September. He spoke with The Daily Circuit about his new role. (The Daily Circuit, 11/13/2012)
Democrats in the Minnesota House and Senate elected their leaders Thursday as they prepare to take control of the Legislature in January. (The Daily Circuit, 11/09/2012)
The suspension of drug testing at the St. Paul crime lab in July amid allegations of shoddy science is forcing a debate in Minnesota about the science that's used in police work and investigations. (The Daily Circuit, 11/08/2012)
In Minnesota, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is predicting this state's voters will again lead the nation in voter turnout, perhaps falling just shy of 80 percent voter turnout. Should voting be mandatory? (The Daily Circuit, 11/05/2012)
Twenty-seven ballots have been invalidated so far because the voter who cast an absentee ballot has since died, according to Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's office. (11/01/2012)
While there's plenty of attention in Minnesota on the two statewide questions that will be on ballots in next week's election, voters in North and South Dakota also face several questions - seven in South Dakota and five in North Dakota. (The Daily Circuit, 10/30/2012)
Three other states will vote on measures related to same-sex marriage on Election Day: Maine, Maryland and Washington. (The Daily Circuit, 10/26/2012)
Microsoft is unveiling Windows 8 today, a big gamble for the software giant. Windows 8 promises to be a dramatic overhaul of its well-known operating system. We'll look at the other gadget news to watch out for this season. (The Daily Circuit, 10/25/2012)
It really is all about us. So much so, research suggests that there's an evolutionary reason we might want to talk about ourselves so much. (The Daily Circuit, 10/24/2012)
Minnesota education experts and officials have often looked to Finland for guidance or hints on what a great education system looks like. Pasi Sahlberg, an education expert in Finland, spoke to The Daily Circuit about the traits of his nation's education system that leads to such high achievement and other positive reviews. (The Daily Circuit, 10/23/2012)
In the 90s, guitarist and Minnesotan Billy McLaughlin was a rising star as one of his albums cracked the top 10 on Billboard. But he slowly faded away from the spotlight when he developed a disorder called focal dystonia. (The Daily Circuit, 10/19/2012)
With three weeks left to go before the election, groups in Minnesota are ramping up efforts related to the two proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. We spoke with Dan McGrath, chairman of pro-amendment group, about his support for the voter ID amendment. (10/18/2012)
With three weeks left to go before the election, groups in Minnesota are ramping up efforts related to the two proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. We spoke with The League of Women Voters President Elisabeth MacNamara about her group opposing the voter ID amendment. (The Daily Circuit, 10/17/2012)
This is the sixth in an occasional series called 'Ask a Neuroscientist.' Today, we take audience-submitted questions to Jason Castro, an assistant professor of neuroscience at Bates College in Maine, to learn more about how the brain works. (The Daily Circuit, 10/15/2012)
Author William Swanson has written a new book, "Black, White, Blue," about a night that is arguably fading from the collective memory. It was May 22, 1970, the night a call came into St. Paul police headquarters that there was a woman about to have a baby at 859 Hague Avenue, at the corner of Hague and Victoria. (09/21/2012)