Tom Weber Feature Archive

Minnesota Zoo conservation biologist Jeff Muntifering checks in with The Daily Circuit about his work with rhinos in Namibia. (The Daily Circuit, 01/24/2013)
The American Lung Association will release Wednesday its an annual report that tracks policies related to tobacco and tobacco prevention. (The Daily Circuit, 01/15/2013)
New Minnesota legislation introduced this week would require companies that buy up debt from credit card companies and banks to show more proof to go after Minnesotans owing money. (The Daily Circuit, 01/15/2013)
Vice President Joe Biden is finalizing a set of recommendations to curb gun violence, which he's expected to hand over to President Barack Obama Tuesday. As this plays out, schools are grappling with the issue of safety. (The Daily Circuit, 01/14/2013)
Last week's shooting in Connecticut spurred debate about mental health care in the U.S. We wanted to take a few minutes today to discuss a new effort here in Minnesota related to mental health. (The Daily Circuit, 12/18/2012)
Several health care-related matters await lawmakers as the state moves to implement the federal Affordable Care Act by its 2014 deadline. We'll discuss whether the state needs or can afford a Basic Health Plan to help residents afford insurance. (The Daily Circuit, 12/12/2012)
If Minnesota were a country, its 8th grade science scores would rank near the top, outscored only by Singapore and Taipei, according to a new report called Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. (The Daily Circuit, 12/11/2012)
Union Depot's $243 million renovation is finally done and on Saturday officials in downtown St. Paul will reopen it to the public. John Diers, author of a forthcoming book on the history of Union Depot, spoke with The Daily Circuit during a walk-through of the building. (The Daily Circuit, 12/06/2012)
State Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, said he's "reasonably confident" Minnesota lawmakers will approve a new bullying prevention law for the state next year. Dibble has sponsored anti-bullying legislation at the state Capitol for several years. (The Daily Circuit, 12/06/2012)
The drug and alcohol treatment center Hazleden is bringing together several experts Tuesday in St. Louis Park to discuss the increased use of synthetic drugs in Minnesota, especially in the metro. (The Daily Circuit, 12/03/2012)
Minnesota folk musician Charlie Parr recently stopped by the MPR studios for a conversation and performance. He performed tracks from "Barnswallow," a new album he plans to release in February. (The Daily Circuit, 11/29/2012)
With a tight rental housing market, the cost of renting is on the rise. But what do experts say about that long-debated question of renting vs. owning? (The Daily Circuit, 11/28/2012)
Forums to guide the Dayton administration's task of creating a 'blueprint' for Minnesota's environmental future start today in Rochester. It's the first of six across the state. (The Daily Circuit, 11/27/2012)
This is the seventh in an occasional series called 'Ask a Neuroscientist.' Today, we take audience-submitted questions to Paul Zak, the founding director of the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies at Claremont Graduate University and author of "The Moral Molecule," to learn more about how the brain works. (The Daily Circuit, 11/21/2012)
Thursday is Give to the Max Day, a unique and organized effort to spur people to donate to nonprofits in Minnesota during one 24-hour period. It's the fourth year for the effort and this time more than 200 schools are part of the mix too. (The Daily Circuit, 11/14/2012)