Tom Weber Feature Archive

Nearly half of Minnesota's 2,255 schools were not on track to meet Adequate Yearly Progress, a basis for measuring school performance in meeting requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind law. (09/30/2011)
With changes on the horizon for No Child Left Behind, state education officials want to change the manner by which schools are measured, but don't yet know how that will take shape. (09/29/2011)
Voters in Alexandria have overwhelmingly approved a property tax hike to pay for a new $65 million high school. (09/28/2011)
Voters in Alexandria will decide a referendum Tuesday whether to approve a tax raise to pay for a new, $65 million high school. (09/26/2011)
President Barack Obama says his new reforms to the No Child Left Behind education law are aimed at improving standards for students, not doing away with standards. (09/23/2011)
Minnesota's education commissioner today appeals to the federal government for a waiver from No Child Left Behind requirement. (09/23/2011)
Minnesota's law against bullying among weakest in nation. The mothers of two Minnesota teenagers who have committed suicide will speak at a conference in Washington today. (09/22/2011)
State education officials say they will release data related to the federal No Child Left Behind law next week because they haven't yet heard from the feds on a waiver from that law. (09/21/2011)
Voters in Brooklyn Center have rejected a property tax increase to pay for schools. (09/21/2011)
An assistant principal at Edison High School in Minneapolis is recovering after being injured during an incident at a school dance. (09/20/2011)
A new audit shows there's been huge growth in the number of Minnesota students taking coures online. But it also raises concerns about how well those students perform in that setting, and also how the state regulates the entire venture. (09/19/2011)
Brooklyn Center voters have until the end of the day Tuesday to return their ballots to decide a school referendum. (09/19/2011)
Today is the last day Minnesota school districts can put tax questions on the November ballot. (09/16/2011)
The future of two east metro integration schools might involve the state-run Perpich Center for Arts Education. (09/14/2011)
Test results from the state education department show a gain for Minnesota students in reading. It's harder to tell whether there's been a gain in math, because most students took a new, tougher test this year. (09/14/2011)