Tom Weber Feature Archive

Minnesota's largest school district is considering changes to its neutrality policy on sexual orientation, a stance that critics contend has left gay and lesbian students without protection. (12/08/2011)
Minnesota is given low marks in a U.S. Education Department analysis and report on bullying laws. (12/06/2011)
The Minneapolis teachers' union has become the first teachers' union in the nation to win the right to authorize charter schools. (12/02/2011)
More than two dozen metro-area school districts say they will have to borrow money this year to meet cash flow needs — and this year's state budget is to blame. (12/01/2011)
More than two dozen metro-area school districts expect they'll borrow nearly $382 million this year to meet cash flow. (11/30/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton says he'd like to update the state's bullying prevention law. However, recommendations from the governor's new task force to address the problem won't be be enacted until at least 2013. (11/29/2011)
Principal Mike Farley said in a message to parents and students that Kareen Hopkins had a pre-existing heart condition. (11/28/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton's office is finalizing an executive order addressing bullying in Minnesota's schools, the governor's spokeswoman said Monday. (11/28/2011)
State officials had moved to close BlueSky Online, saying the school wasn't meeting state standards and had graduated students who didn't deserve a diploma. (11/22/2011)
The study finds children of color and those who live in poverty are less likely to be considered ready for kindergarten. (11/20/2011)
Midmorning checks in with a Rochester woman who is trying to understand what her grandmother's life was like by living as closely as she can to the U.S. rationing standards of 1945. (Midmorning, 11/18/2011)
Ten students at Coon Rapids High School have been suspended after comments made on Facebook escalated into a shouting match in a school stairwell. (11/17/2011)
State education officials plan submitted on Monday their application for a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law. (11/14/2011)
It ended up being a pretty good day for school districts that had ballot questions before voters Tuesday. About a third of all school districts in Minnesota had decided to put referenda on the ballot. They were asking voters to either maintain or increase the amount of funds that come from local sources. And of all those questions that were out there, 70-percent were approved. Education reporter Tom Weber discussed the results with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer. (11/09/2011)
Voters across Minnesota approved seven of every 10 school-related referenda on Tuesday, in many cases agreeing to raise their own property taxes to provide extra dollars for their districts. (11/09/2011)