Tim Nelson Feature Archive

Manny Munson-Regala's move from regulating marijuana to helping sell it has raised questions at the Capitol and elsewhere. (06/12/2015)
Manny Munson-Regala will leave his state post next week and join LeafLine Labs in early July. (06/11/2015)
Minnesota Medical Solutions says the new growing and manufacturing facility will be adjacent to its existing greenhouse in Otsego -- and eight times bigger. (06/11/2015)
A bingo player in Eveleth won $71,000 Saturday night, a sign that play is picking up and driving up jackpots to unprecedented levels. (06/07/2015)
The state's medical marijuana program is underway but doctors are wary of signing up patients for the drug, which will be available in pill or liquid form on July 1. (06/05/2015)
Last year's makeover of the fairgrounds has officially entered into permanent fair lore. (06/05/2015)
The man who killed a 33-year-old mother and farmer on a road near Luverne, Minn., last summer is out of jail and warning others of distracted driving's dangers. (06/01/2015)
Minnesota is taking a key step toward legal medical marijuana Monday: the state health department is opening the official registry to enroll users. (06/01/2015)
Ramsey County is poised to tear down a two-block stretch of buildings that date back to 1886: the former headquarters of West Publishing and the old Ramsey County Jail. (05/29/2015)
An Internet service that tracks flight data shows that the plane was in the Chicago area earlier this month, and has since made four extensive flights over the Twin Cities. (05/29/2015)
Both freeways are scheduled to reopen by Monday morning. (05/29/2015)
The Legislature has adjusted the law to add hospitals to the list of facilities that can control, dispense and manage the use of cannabis inside their systems. (05/28/2015)
The Legislature effectively turned down the university's request to fund another two-year tuition freeze. (05/27/2015)
Offers have come in from St. Paul College, the University of St. Thomas and the St. Paul Hotel. Dayton has suggested meeting in a tent on the Capitol lawn. (05/22/2015)
Attorney General Lori Swanson says the for-profit retailer has "seriously misled the public" about the extent to which donations benefit charitable organizations. (05/21/2015)