Tim Nelson Feature Archive

Three inmates escaped from a minimum security facility in New Richmond, Wis., on Wednesday night, prompting the school district to cancel classes on Thursday. (05/07/2015)
The officer's comments during a traffic stop last March were recorded and aired online. (05/06/2015)
Critics say the laws are used disproportionately to cite and arrest minorities. However, the new head of the city's police union says they're legitimate law enforcement tools. (05/06/2015)
Medical marijuana will be legal in the state starting July 1. One of the manufacturers has a plant up and running with "casino grade" security. Here's what it's like inside. (05/05/2015)
The Twin Cities had one restaurant listed in contention for the Best New Restaurant award and three chefs shortlisted for best in the Midwest. (05/05/2015)
Mourners gathered in north Minneapolis today for the funeral of the 10-year-old Crystal boy found dead last month. (05/02/2015)
Minnesota Medical Solutions, the state's biggest initial provider of medical marijuana, has its growing operation up to capacity. Another company, Leafline Labs, also will be ready this summer. (05/01/2015)
Shyann Ericksen had just read a text when she crashed into a car in Eagan, badly injuring a child. She's warning others now of the terrible costs of distracted driving. (04/30/2015)
Lynne Thomas, a Minnesota Senate staffer, was identified as the woman hit and killed in the morning train accident. The Senate held a moment of silence in her honor. (04/30/2015)
A farsighted optometrist launched radio and even television stations from the north Minneapolis address. (04/28/2015)
Officials blame ground conditions and soil contamination for much of the $341 million additional cost. Gov. Dayton says he's "shocked and appalled" by the news. (04/27/2015)
Wild birds routinely are at the Minnesota Zoo. Turkeys wander the grounds and eat at the zoo's feeders. Geese land in the animal enclosures -- and a tiger killed one a couple days ago. (04/23/2015)
Each electric bus would eliminate more than 100 tons of greenhouse gas emissions produced in a year by a diesel bus, according to the manufacturer. (04/22/2015)
The state's debate over minimum wages is about to shift to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, with implications for the rest of the Twin Cities. (04/21/2015)
Joseph Laframboise was found safe on St. Paul's West Side, police said. No other information was immediately available. (04/21/2015)