Laura Yuen Feature Archive

Trains on the new Green Line light rail transit system will ramp up their test runs by the middle of this week. That's a sign that the Central Corridor project is 99 percent complete, but there's still work to do. (04/21/2014)
Abdullahi Charif, a seventh-grader at St. Louis Park Middle School, was removed from life support on March 1, two days after his gym teacher, James Bigot, pulled him from the bottom of the 9-foot-deep end of the pool. (04/17/2014)
Road work at 11 intersections along University Avenue in St. Paul begins this week as part of the Central Corridor light-rail project. (04/13/2014)
In late February, Abdullahi Charif's body was pulled from the bottom of the St. Louis Park Middle School swimming pool after gym class. No lifeguard was present. St. Louis Park police investigated the matter, but Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said his office decided this week there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone with a crime. (04/11/2014)
The Met Council voted 14 to 2 to keep freight trains beside a bike trail in the Kenilworth Corridor, and send the light rail trains through tunnels. (04/09/2014)
The Metropolitan Council is expected to approve plans Wednesday for what would be the Twin Cities' third light rail line, connecting the urban core to the southwest suburbs. Once that happens, the focus of the roughly $1.7 billion Southwest LRT project will shift to the city of Minneapolis. (04/08/2014)
In an 11-to-2 vote, a group of metro leaders endorsed the LRT tunnels, rather than rerouting freight track from the Kenilworth Corridor to St. Louis Park. (04/02/2014)
Light rail planners with the Metropolitan Council are recommending keeping freight trains in the narrow Kenilworth corridor in Minneapolis and burying trains in shallow tunnels as part of the Southwest light rail route. (03/31/2014)
This week's sale of a small bank that helps Liberians build wealth in their country was a match made in Minnesota. (03/29/2014)
Close to a dozen school children drowned across the country over the past few years, and their deaths have been heartbreakingly similar. Most were immigrant children who did not know how to swim, and no lifeguard was on duty. (03/26/2014)
The new timeline accounts for delays in planning the passenger service from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie, officials said Wednesday. (03/26/2014)
The health department's report found that structurally racist government rules and policies were partly to blame for health disparities between whites and people of color in Minnesota. (03/21/2014)
Inmates can wear a jail-issued hijab, the Muslim headscarf, or other religious headwear as long as there's no threat to safety and security, Sheriff Rich Stanek said Thursday. The jail also will issue yarmulkes and kufi hats. (03/20/2014)
The latest idea from planners is to bury the passenger trains underneath a scenic water channel that connects Cedar Lake to Lake of the Isles. (03/12/2014)
Lawmakers who chair the capital investment committees in both the House and Senate support the $100 million investment. But Gov. Mark Dayton has proposed $50 million in spending on affordable housing. (03/06/2014)