Laura Yuen Feature Archive

Two young Minnesotans face federal conspiracy charges tied to their alleged efforts to provide "material support" to the radical group Islamic State, also known as ISIS. (11/25/2014)
Students and activists across the state Tuesday protested the Missouri grand jury's decision. Rallies were peaceful, although a woman was hit by a car during a late afternoon rally in Minneapolis. (11/25/2014)
U.S. Attorney for Minnesota Andy Luger told about 50 community leaders Monday he wants to bolster youth and job-training programs and reduce extra security hassles many Muslims face while traveling through the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. (11/24/2014)
Mayor Chris Coleman invites civil rights leaders to discuss concerns about a civilian review board after it exonerated officers who arrested Christopher Lollie. (11/23/2014)
Family members of Abdullahi Anshoor say Mogadishu police told them a group of gunmen killed the father of three and took his car. (11/18/2014)
Christopher Lollie, who St. Paul police officers detained in a public area of the St. Paul skyway last winter, alleges that officers used excessive force. (11/14/2014)
Concerns about terrorist recruitment within the United States can test a community's values, experts say. That's playing out now in the Twin Cities. (11/13/2014)
Martine Tchitchihe, "Cameroon's Malala," has been teaching school in Fergus Falls. She hopes to return to her home country to inspire other women. But right now, it's not safe. (11/05/2014)
African-Americans in Minneapolis were more than 11 times likelier than whites to be arrested for possessing marijuana, even though studies show similar usage rates, according to a new report. (10/28/2014)
Two of Minnesota's leading forces join us to discuss current challenges for the state. (The Daily Circuit, 10/14/2014)
Officials pledge to investigate claims of racial and ethnic harassment alleged in a federal complaint that followed a fight between African-American and Somali-American students. (10/10/2014)
The Minnesota Supreme Court justices said the Legislature still needs to fix a law that required automatic life-without-parole for juveniles who commit some first-degree murders (10/08/2014)
Mahdi Hussein Furreh had denied any contact with a fugitive tied to recruitment for the terror group. (10/03/2014)
Experts increasingly worry expelling radicals from mosques may plant the seeds for even more radicalism. (09/30/2014)
Metro Transit is trying to determine where to add shelters or enhance existing shelters with lighting, heating and other improvements. (09/25/2014)