Laura Yuen Feature Archive

In this land of 10,000 lakes, jumping in is more risky for some kids than for others. (09/08/2014)
St. Louis Park school leaders say they're suspending swimming lessons this year as they reassess swimming programs and safety after a middle school boy drowned earlier this year. (09/05/2014)
In photographs just a handful of years old, Douglas McAuthur McCain and Troy Castigar bear the confident yet goofy smiles of teenagers. But today, both are gone, claimed by a holy war that Castigar's mother insists wasn't theirs to fight. (08/29/2014)
More Minnesotans are on the way to Syria, the FBI says. Two are now feared to have died fighting with militants. (08/29/2014)
Administrative law Judge Timothy O'Malley will serve in the newly created position. (08/25/2014)
The new development, called Hamline Station, is a block long and will be built with a mix of private and public money. (08/25/2014)
A Star Tribune editorial Thursday blamed the city for failing to give trains an automatic right-of-way over car traffic at stoplight intersections. (08/21/2014)
Advocates for racial equity are divided on just how far the Metropolitan Council has come to make the proposed Southwest light-rail project beneficial for all. (08/19/2014)
Rep. Phyllis Kahn's 42 years in the Legislature count for a lot in the halls of the state Capitol. In her Minneapolis district, however, it's a different story. (08/08/2014)
About three-quarters of oil pumped from the booming Bakken oil fields end up on a train through Minnesota. (08/07/2014)
That revelation came as part of the first-degree murder charges handed down Friday by the Dakota County Attorney's Office against Fitch, the suspect in Wednesday's killing of Mendota Heights Police Officer Scott Patrick. (08/01/2014)
While investigators are still gathering evidence, they're anticipating the Dakota County Attorney's Office will file charges against Brian Fitch, Sr. tomorrow. The Ramsey County attorney may also file charges against Fitch. (07/31/2014)
Thousands of Minnesotans started the day with special prayers for the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr. (07/28/2014)
The Metropolitan Council is under fire for not using its authority to press wealthy, white suburbs in the Twin Cities to do their part to create affordable housing. (07/25/2014)
The Somali terror group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the Wednesday killing in Mogadishu of a Somali lawmaker with Minneapolis ties. (The Daily Circuit, 07/23/2014)