Laura Yuen Feature Archive

Raymond Kmetz, 68, the man killed after opening fire at New Hope City Hall Monday night and wounding two officers, had a long history of confronting government and the law. (01/27/2015)
U.S. District Judge Michael Davis said Abdullahi Yusuf may also participate in a civics program aimed at re-integrating him into U.S culture. (01/27/2015)
Lamar Allen Sullivan-Armstrong was shot by police in Blaine Thursday after he allegedly ran at officers with a knife. The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating. (01/23/2015)
More than 1,000 anti-abortion demonstrators gathered at the Capitol Thursday to demand an end to government-funded abortions. (01/22/2015)
Quincy Reed Reindl, 24, died of multiple gunshot wounds last week. Police responded on a report of a suicidal male. (01/21/2015)
The nonprofit Ka Joog, which has won honors from the White House and the FBI for its work, will detail its two-year plan for expanding educational, employment and arts programs across the state Tuesday. (01/19/2015)
In the past six years, St. Paul officers have fatally shot more suspects than any other department across the state, an MPR News analysis of state law enforcement data shows. (01/15/2015)
Prosecutors say Papa Faal and about a dozen co-conspirators entered their tiny West African homeland in late December, planning to seize the president's home and overthrow the government. (01/05/2015)
One year after a fire killed three, injured 14, and displaced a mosque, a community is still recovering. (01/01/2015)
Travelers on New Year's Eve have options for getting around safely and responsibly. (12/31/2014)
Experts say the experiences described by Twin Cities women are common, especially among the poor. (12/22/2014)
Mall officials want to stop a protest against police brutality planned at the mall on Saturday. Organizers say they expect 2,000 people. (12/17/2014)
A settlement in a federal lawsuit allows a mosque to worship in part of the former Medtronic headquarters. Mayor Jerry Faust said the worshipers "will be accepted by this community." (12/16/2014)
In one case, a single mother said her former landlord subjected her to repeated sexual advances. Another tenant has accused her landlord of installing a secret camera in her bathroom. (12/11/2014)
The Hennepin County Attorney's Office charged 25-year-old Anthony Bowker, of Minneapolis, with second-degree murder Wednesday. (12/10/2014)