Laura Yuen Feature Archive

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety suspended a drug training program last month amid dramatic allegations that officers taking the class were supplying young people with illegal drugs. (06/22/2012)
Twin Cities transit riders can weigh in on proposed changes to bus service at public meetings that begin this week. The changes would go into effect when the Central Corridor light rail line, the so-called Green Line, opens in 2014. (06/18/2012)
Payments have all but dried up for a little-known fund intended to expand wireless online access in Minneapolis to help low-income people, seniors, displaced workers, and others harness the power of the Internet. (06/04/2012)
The roughly $4-million addition to the city's Fogerty Arena is expected to help meet demand for year-round ice, as popularity in the sport rises. (05/31/2012)
As the number of breweries continues to multiply in Minneapolis, only one beer-maker in St. Paul -- the pioneering Summit -- has taken advantage of Minnesota's one-year-old taproom law. But a husband-and-wife team from St. Paul plans to change that. (05/29/2012)
Residents near the Central Corridor light rail line are invited to provide feedback on what it's like to walk to the future stations. (05/28/2012)
More than 100 gravestone vases stolen from Twin Cities cemeteries were found Thursday night in a riverfront park in Minneapolis. (05/25/2012)
The Hennepin County Attorney's office today fired back against Amy Senser's request for acquittal or a new trial. (05/24/2012)
Last year, Surly owner Omar Ansari unleashed a social media frenzy when he described a $20 million destination brewery in the Twin Cities. But despite the initial sense of urgency, Ansari is taking his time to complete his vision. (05/24/2012)
A woman who started a deadly fight involving transgender woman Chrishaun "CeCe" McDonald has been charged with assault. (05/22/2012)
The visitors group Meet Minneapolis plans to announce Wednesday that the city will host a national amateur sporting event in 2014. (05/21/2012)
Lucy Laney Elementary School is among the seven schools near the path of the tornado last year that tore through portions of north Minneapolis. The schools weren't damaged, but most of the kids experienced the storm firsthand. Emotions still run deep. (05/21/2012)
Somali-Americans say they're closing their accounts with US Bank and Wells Fargo, a fallout from the banks' decision to stop facilitating money transfers to Somalia. (05/11/2012)
A Minnesota State Patrol program that trains officers to identify signs of drug impairment has been suspended in the wake of troubling allegations. (05/09/2012)
A federal jury in Nashville has split its verdict against nine people accused of running a sex-trafficking ring out of the Twin Cities. (05/04/2012)