Laura Yuen Feature Archive

After issuing a call for victims to come forward, police investigators are sifting through new evidence coming from people who say they were sexually abused by Catholic priests. (11/13/2013)
A new lawsuit filed today alleges the Rev. Jerome Kern was a "serial offender" who abused victims at three parishes over his 35 years in ministry. (11/07/2013)
The Minnesota Supreme Court has denied a new trial to a Roman Catholic priest convicted of third-degree criminal conduct for having sexual relations with a parishioner he was counseling. (11/06/2013)
Mohamed Aden, a naturalized U.S. citizen, and suspected pirate gang boss Mohamed Abdi Hassan will appear Oct. 30 for a pre-trial hearing in Belgium on charges tied to the 2009 hijacking of the Belgian ship "Pompei." (10/23/2013)
The decision to put off the Metropolitan Council vote came following a Tuesday morning meeting between Gov. Mark Dayton and several local, regional and state officials. (10/15/2013)
Overall occupancy in downtown St. Paul office units remains steady at about 90 percent, but it's unclear if the market can support an upscale office tower, which is one idea that Mayor Chris Coleman has floated for the former Macy's site. (10/14/2013)
Police said several young males stomped and kicked the victim, Ray Widstrand, and eventually stripped him of his pants. Widstrand, now 27, suffered from potentially fatal brain swelling. (10/14/2013)
All but one of the regional leaders present supported the plan, which also would leave freight trains alongside the tunnels. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, the lone "no" vote, pledged to continue to press the railroads to relocate freight traffic out of the Kenilworth Corridor, a scenic area that includes bicycle trails. (10/09/2013)
A group of regional metro leaders is expected to vote Wednesday on the biggest flashpoint of the proposed Southwest light rail project: what to do with existing freight trains in the Kenilworth Corridor of Minneapolis. (10/09/2013)
Southwest light rail planners will meet with residents of the Kenwood neighborhood in Minneapolis Thursday to go over a contentious plan for the metro transit project. (10/07/2013)
If no agreement can be reached on the freight-rail impasse, city officials have suggested that Southwest planners consider a new light-rail alignment. But Met Council chairwoman Sue Haigh said that would delay the project by at least one or two years and send the price tag to soar even higher. (10/04/2013)
Mohamed Farah, executive director of the group Ka Joog, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Washington. The committee called the hearing on al-Shabab because of the group's ability to recruit young fighters from the United States. (10/03/2013)
An advisory committee for the Southwest Corridor light rail project in the Twin Cities postponed a vote Wednesday on how to resolve a longstanding dispute that continues to threaten the future of the line. (10/02/2013)
Minneapolis City Council members are fighting back against a likely solution to an impasse regarding the Southwest light-rail line. The planned route angers several city council members, including Betsy Hodges who said the planning process for the project is "almost scandalously flawed." (10/01/2013)
An advisory committee for the Southwest light rail project will recommend Wednesday a way to resolve a longstanding dispute that is threatening the future of the line. (09/30/2013)