Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

The Stillwater Lift Bridge hums, creaks and clangs as it goes up and down over the St. Croix River. Bridge tender Mike Byard loves every sound. (06/17/2010)
Breezes set off 21 sets of chimes in a wooden tower at St. Olaf College. The chimes play to remember students who have died. (06/14/2010)
A symphony brass band heralds a new home for the Minnesota Orchestra. (06/09/2010)
A historic water tower outside Red Wing finds new life as a peaceful and inspiring retreat for musicians and artists. (06/02/2010)
When Jason Peterson and his wife, Jessica Lind, converted a furniture warehouse into a space for their theater company, they thought the space was perfect. And it was, except for one thing: the roof. (04/26/2010)
Taken from a 1973 interview, Midwest poet Mark Vinz reads "Linestorm" and talks about how his writing is rooted in a region. (04/21/2010)