Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

Breezes set off 21 sets of chimes in a wooden tower at St. Olaf College. The chimes play to remember students who have died. (06/14/2010)
A symphony brass band heralds a new home for the Minnesota Orchestra. (06/09/2010)
A historic water tower outside Red Wing finds new life as a peaceful and inspiring retreat for musicians and artists. (06/02/2010)
When Jason Peterson and his wife, Jessica Lind, converted a furniture warehouse into a space for their theater company, they thought the space was perfect. And it was, except for one thing: the roof. (04/26/2010)
Taken from a 1973 interview, Midwest poet Mark Vinz reads "Linestorm" and talks about how his writing is rooted in a region. (04/21/2010)