Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

Open land isn't always easy to find these days. Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes -- but there's a road or two leading almost all of them. It wasn't always that way. In this 1975 report, Minnesotans share memories of the vast countryside and hushed sounds of the prairie. (08/05/2010)
The Metrodome is down to one major tenant -- the Minnesota Vikings -- and even they don't want to play there anymore. As the team and the state contemplate building a new stadium, take a look back at the days when the Metrodome was still just a gleam in lawmakers' eyes. (08/02/2010)
Bluegrass, country, Cajun, Celtic, and Tejano music might not be the first thing you think of when you see the strip mall located near 66th Street and Penn Avenue South in Richfield, but that's what you'll find at the Homestead Pickin' Parlor. (07/30/2010)
McDonalds brings competition to the kitchen. In this 1974 Minnesota Public Radio story, reporter Greg Barron tells us about a national competition to be the best McDonalds worker. (07/26/2010)
In an old warehouse in downtown St. Paul's Lowertown, Dennis Davidson and George Weed make canoes the old-fashioned way. They cut, plane and tap planks onto a hull in a trance-inducing rhythm. Their finished products are marvelous watercraft. (07/23/2010)
Scott Aamodt has been piloting hot air balloons for more 20 years, and he still enjoys the view. Check out the sights and sounds as he voyages up and away. (07/20/2010)
The venerable music venue First Avenue celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. In this archival MPR story, First Avenue was marking its first 20 years. (07/13/2010)
Baseball went on long hiatus in the summer of 1981. Finally, after a 50-day players union strike, games resumed in August 1981. In this archival news report, Lee Axdahl reports about the Twins getting back into action. (07/13/2010)
In the tiny community of Rollag, about 20 miles east of Moorhead, people are crazy about one thing: steam. This is where steam-powered locomotives, tractors, boilers, diggers and other vintage machines live on. (07/12/2010)
Retired veterinarian Howard Legried built his very own field of dreams. But his masterpiece is not a ball diamond. Instead, he carved a nine-hole golf course on his sheep farm. (07/07/2010)
Brenda Ueland, an author and the first female reporter at the Minneapolis Tribune, recalls the days when streetcars rumbled through the Twin Cities. (07/02/2010)
For Scott King at Red Dragonfly Press, poetry is a blue-collar job. He prints poetry the old-fashioned way, painstakingly setting type letter by letter and printing poems on vintage presses. (07/01/2010)
A labor dispute between Twin Cities hospitals and nurses led to a one-day strike and the threat of a longer walkout. The animosity between the caregivers and their employers echoed a Minnesota nurses strike in 1984. In this archival audio, Curt Johnson of the Citizens League gives his thoughts about the '84 strike. (06/30/2010)
From polka to Prince, the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in New Ulm plays host to all styles of music. Come for a visit and Charlie Braunreiter will show you around. If you're lucky, he'll play his concertina for you. (06/28/2010)
Minneapolis thanks the show and its star for all the free publicity they've given Minneapolis. But the owner of Mary's fictional home offers nothing but disdain for the fans who come flocking for a glimpse. (06/24/2010)