Marc Sanchez Feature Archive

Ohara, Japan and Duluth, Minn., use a slice of tumultuous to ring out in harmony. (11/12/2010)
A 2341 foot vertical train ride into the earth can get a little bumpy. (10/29/2010)
Paul Wellstone is interviewed on MPR just after winning his 1990 senate bid. (10/28/2010)
Tinkling crystal: the song of a 100 year old hotel. (10/19/2010)
Lions and tigers and bears... well actually, no bears. (10/15/2010)
It's his "Dreamcycle" world, we just live in it. (09/24/2010)
An outdated piece of farm equipment is re-purposed as a music box. (09/17/2010)
Dawn approaches, and a symphony of clucks and crows heads for a crescendo in the poultry barn. (09/03/2010)
AIDS was a new and frightening epidemic disease when activists set up a booth at the Minnesota State Fair to educate people about the disease. This 1987 MPR report captures fairgoers' reactions. (09/03/2010)
For die-hards, pitching horseshoes is way more than a backyard game. At the St. Paul Ramsey Co. Horseshoe Club in Maplewood, ringers are a way of life. (09/02/2010)
Nothing that starts with "fried" or ends in "on a stick?" That's crazy talk. Take a tour of the Minnesota State Fair's menu from 35 years ago in this report from the Minnesota Public Radio archives. (08/25/2010)
Gas prices go up, speed limits come down and people grumble all around. Check out this 1975 report from the Minnesota Public Radio archive to hear how speed limits drove an intense public debate. (08/25/2010)
When Fort Snelling was an actual workaday fort, soldiers never fired the cannon in battle. But these days, soldiers fire the old gun all the time. In this audio feature, you can hear how reenactors use period equipment to set off a big boom. (08/17/2010)
With help from the American Composers forum a composer and Bloomington native Ryan Ingebritsen is inviting the public to experience an exploration of sound and nature in Banning State Park. (08/13/2010)
A former granite quarry near St. Cloud is a haven for mountain biking, hiking, fishing, scuba diving and swimming. Dive in ... the water's nice and cool. (08/10/2010)