Brett Neely Feature Archive

The legislation provides $300 million in annual grants for charter schools and Republican U.S. Rep. John Kline says it encourages the sharing of effective ideas among school systems. (05/09/2014)
Hundreds of mourners, including family, former staffers and dozens of current and former members of Congress, filled a Catholic Church in suburban Maryland Thursday. (05/08/2014)
The news likely will frustrate people have grown tired of the many down to the wire battles over federal spending in the nation's capital. (05/01/2014)
Most of the corn, soybeans and sugar beets in Minnesota come from genetically-modified varieties that ultimately make their way into the products we buy on supermarket shelves. That's something consumers ought to know, says Karen Clark, DFL-Minneapolis. (04/29/2014)
On Saturday in his weekly address, President Obama said he received a letter from a small business owner who was inspired by the Minneapolis pizza restaurant and also plans to offer her workers $10 an hour. (04/26/2014)
The U.S. House approved a budget today authored by Rep. Paul Ryan that has absolutely no chance of becoming law. Republican leaders wanted to pass it as a statement of principle. Democrats are practically salivating at the lines of attack the Ryan budget will give them on the campaign trail. (04/10/2014)
The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee asked representatives from several state-run exchanges that have faced start-up troubles to testify. (04/03/2014)
Some of those lawmakers worry the Democratic Party doesn't have a good response to counter the attacks. They're looking for help from President Obama's team, deep-pocketed Democratic super PACs and outside groups. So far, not much has come. (03/31/2014)
Referring to Franken's previous career as an actor and comedian on Saturday Night Live, Palin wrote, "Let's give voters a contrast this fall: a clown vs. a Mama Grizzly, an Obama 100 Percenter vs. a Blue Star Mom, a talker vs. a doer, and a liberal Obama rubber stamp legislator vs. a proven conservative fighter." (03/27/2014)
The Senate Commerce Committee report says Target missed multiple warning signs that intruders had broken into company networks and were stealing millions of credit and debit card numbers and other sensitive customer information. (03/25/2014)
You might sign the petition expecting lawmakers to read it, but that's not likely the case. It's meant instead to glean information to help fundraisers find you later -- part of the latest way campaigns are learning more about potential supporters and donors. (03/25/2014)
Remember those food stamp cuts that were part of the federal farm bill debate? They were supposed to add up to more than $8 billion in savings. But it turns out many states are finding a way to get around the cuts, in a scenario that many federal lawmakers did not anticipate. (03/17/2014)
A federal safety official says the rail tank cars being used to ship crude oil from North Dakota's Bakken region are an "unacceptable public risk," and even cars voluntarily upgraded by the industry "may not be sufficient." (02/26/2014)
If the $45 billion merger goes through, it would create the country's largest cable company, reaching nearly one in three households. The company would also have a major position in broadband internet and TV production. The deal, however, needs federal approval, and Franken has established himself quickly as one of its critics. (02/24/2014)
Since 1991, U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, a gun-owning, guitar-playing conservative Democrat, has represented Minnesota's 7th District in the U.S. House. Peterson, the state's longest serving member of Congress, hasn't yet announced whether he will run for re-election this year. (01/19/2014)