Brett Neely Feature Archive

Republican challenger Stewart Mills, who first gained attention with a video aggressively backing gun rights and whose family owns a chain of stores that sells firearms, is out with its first attack ad claiming that DFL Rep. Rick Nolan is an opponent of gun owners. (07/09/2014)
Senate Democrats wasted no time rolling out a response to last week's Supreme Court decision on contraception and religious freedom. That decision exempts the evangelical Christian owners of the Hobby Lobby chain of stores and other religiously-minded corporations from the Affordable Care Act's requirement to provide mandatory contraceptive coverage. (07/09/2014)
The campaign manager who engineered Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden's surprise endorsement by the Minnesota GOP is stepping aside and will take a diminished role in the campaign. (06/30/2014)
The Export-Import Bank is facing new scrutiny from Republicans including Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who view it as little more than a subsidy for large, politically connected corporations. But business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce are frantically lobbying members to save the bank. (06/25/2014)
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden often talks up the fact that he's spent his career in business, not politics, and that his management work will benefit Minnesota in Congress. Democrats want to talk about that work, too, but for very different reasons. (06/24/2014)
A Minneapolis working mother named Rebekah will play a central role in President Barack Obama's next visit to Minneapolis on Thursday. According to the White House, Obama will launch the first in a series of day in the life visits by spending the day with Rebekah (whose last name has not been made public yet). (06/24/2014)
Medtronic plans to move its headquarters to Ireland and such a move could potentially have a big effect in lowering Medtronic's tax bill. The planned deal comes as lawmakers say they want to overhaul the tax system -- but remain deadlocked as to how. (06/17/2014)
Ambassador to Norway isn't a high profile American diplomatic post. Most nominees skate through Senate approval on their way to Oslo. And then there is George Tsunis. (06/10/2014)
Bob Weir and Franken are longtime friends. Franken and his former comedy partner, Tom Davis, even performed comedy sketches during a Dead concert in New York's Central Park in 1980 and Franken invited Weir onto his radio show several times in the 2000s. (06/04/2014)
On Saturday, Democrats at their state convention in Duluth will endorse Franken for a second term in the U.S. Senate, a job he won by just 312 votes in 2008 after a six month recount and legal battle. Five years after taking office, Franken is confident his record will win him another term. (05/30/2014)
Eric Shinseki has come under criticism as more information emerges about lengthy wait times at VA hospitals in Arizona that have been tied to the deaths of several veterans. (05/28/2014)
The legislation provides $300 million in annual grants for charter schools and Republican U.S. Rep. John Kline says it encourages the sharing of effective ideas among school systems. (05/09/2014)
Hundreds of mourners, including family, former staffers and dozens of current and former members of Congress, filled a Catholic Church in suburban Maryland Thursday. (05/08/2014)
The news likely will frustrate people have grown tired of the many down to the wire battles over federal spending in the nation's capital. (05/01/2014)
Most of the corn, soybeans and sugar beets in Minnesota come from genetically-modified varieties that ultimately make their way into the products we buy on supermarket shelves. That's something consumers ought to know, says Karen Clark, DFL-Minneapolis. (04/29/2014)