Brett Neely Feature Archive

Minnesota's Medicaid program for the poor and disabled will be under scrutiny at a congressional hearing on Wednesday. (04/25/2012)
The Minnesota congressman said the $46 billion temporary tax cut would apply to any company with fewer than 500 workers regardless of whether they hire on new employees. (04/17/2012)
Campaign cash is not a sure predictor of who will win an election, but candidates would rather have more to spend than less. Over the last few days, incumbents and their hopeful challengers have released reports about how much money they've raised. Some races are spoiling for a fight. (04/16/2012)
The Obama Administration's Buffet Rule, scheduled for a vote Monday in the U.S. Senate and expected to be filibustered by Republicans, seems destined to become a political tool in the fall election. (04/15/2012)
DFL U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum raised more than $123,000 toward her re-election campaign in the first three months of 2012. The veteran St. Paul lawmaker has more than $222,000 in the bank, her campaign said Thursday. (04/13/2012)
Farmers may face some uncertainty by harvest time as Congress grapples with rewriting the farm bill before it expires in September. On the table are big cuts in federal farm spending. (04/09/2012)
President Barack Obama signed legislation Wednesday barring members of Congress, the president and thousands of federal workers from profiting from nonpublic information learned on the job. Even supporters, including Minnesota Rep. Tim Walz, said the new law doesn't go far enough. (04/04/2012)
As the most popular politician in Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar is in a strong position to field off any of her three would-be Republican challengers. (04/03/2012)
"You see we are surrounded right now by those will benefit by socialism," she said. (03/27/2012)
Gas prices in Minnesota right now are averaging $3.70 a gallon, higher numbers that for the petroleum industry are merely a rite of spring. (03/26/2012)
Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack has come out against an Obama administration proposal to cut funding for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program. (03/23/2012)
DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar was one of a group of Senate Democrats Wednesday calling on government regulators to clamp down on oil speculators to rein in gas prices. (03/21/2012)
DFL Sen. Al Franken is one of a group of Democratic senators pushing for new campaign finance laws as a result of the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision. (03/21/2012)
The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with the Mayo Clinic on a case involving patents on medical tests. (03/21/2012)
A prominent Minnesota voice on agricultural issues says the Republican budget road map proposed today in the U.S. House means the prospects are dim for a farm bill this year. (03/20/2012)