Roseanne Pereira Feature Archive

Visit any farmers market in the Twin Cities and you're likely to see Hmong vendors selling raspberries, sweet onions, and other produce they've grown. Farming runs deep in the Hmong culture. However, many Hmong farmers are isolated both by culture and language from the rest of U.S. agriculture. (07/19/2007)
Minnesota's advocates for torture survivors say many people who come to the U.S. to escape persecution are being retraumatized once they get here. Asylum seekers are often held in county jails while their legal status is being determined. (06/26/2007)
A Minneapolis musician is learning about new worlds through playing West African music. (06/20/2007)
It's World Refugee Day -- a day designated by the United Nations to raise awareness of the plight of refugees. Refugees account for only a small percentage of nationwide immigration, but Minnesota takes a lot of them. (06/20/2007)
Farmers' markets have been sprouting up nationwide. In 1994, there were close to 1,800. Now, there are over well over double that. In Minnesota, farmers' markets are appearing across the state. (06/07/2007)
Minnesota has a strong choral tradition, but starting this weekend, it will get a taste of a very different type of chorus. The Dalai Lama's tantric choir will visit from the Gyuto monastery in Dharmasala, India for a series of concerts. There's a reason they're coming here. Five of the choir members live in Minneapolis. (05/11/2007)
Storytelling is an important part of Somali family life. Now, a play by SteppingStone Theatre in St. Paul will showcase Somali stories in a new way. The stories have transformed as they've traveled. (05/09/2007)
Many small towns want to grow and attract new industries. But with new jobs come new residents and that can make some people uncomfortable. That's the situation facing Aberdeen, South Dakota and what prompted a trip to St. Paul. (05/01/2007)
As the investigation continues at Virginia Tech, many local school officials are re-examining their safety plans. In Northfield, school principals, educators and police officers gathered for a seminar arranged months ago, on safer schools. While presenters says it's natural for people to focus on school shootings at this time, they stress that schools face other dangerous situations, much more regularly. (04/18/2007)
Years after the 9/11 attacks, many Minnesotans say they are still feeling uneasy around one another. A new study by Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, "Voices from Silence," documents the long-term impact of 9/11 on Minnesota's immigrant, refugee, and religious minority groups. (04/17/2007)
The City of Minneapolis is joining with the African Development Center to offer a new financing option for small businesses, aimed primarily at Muslims. (04/11/2007)
More about Sikhism and Sikhs in Minnesota (04/04/2007)
After the Sept. 11 attacks -- appearance sometimes affected how you were treated in this country. When a Sikh man, wearing a turban, was gunned down in Arizona, it changed college student, Valarie Kaur's life. She ended up making a film about what it means to be American. (04/03/2007)
Most mornings, coffee is the most important thing on many people's minds. It's that pick-me-up that launches the day. Now, coffee may be changing lives in the Twin Cities suburb of Brooklyn Park, where a coffee roastery is creating a different kind of pick-me-up. (03/27/2007)
Ever wonder what pre-dated Rock n' Roll and the Rolling Stones? A concert at the Science Museum of Minnesota Friday evening may have the answer. The performance showcases one of the oldest types of instruments known to humans. (03/16/2007)