Jessica Mador Feature Archive

The Minnesota Housing Partnership also found almost 20 percent of the state's homeowners were underwater in the last three months of last year, meaning they owed more on their homes than they were worth. (03/20/2012)
More than 800 Minnesota National Guard soldiers will lose benefits they had been expecting upon their return this spring from Kuwait. (03/14/2012)
A new national report shows someone earning minimum wage would have to work 86 hours a week to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment in Minnesota - that's more than two full-time jobs. (03/14/2012)
Construction of the new $680 million bridge that will span Oak Park Heights and St. Joseph, Wis., is expected to begin in 2014, and take about three years to complete. (03/13/2012)
Military chaplains attended a special training to prepare for the return of thousands of soldiers from the Middle East later this spring. (03/12/2012)
Minnesota saw a 17-percent drop in foreclosures last year, but many homeowners like Kathy Stromseth are still struggling to keep their homes. (03/12/2012)
MnDOT originally estimated the cost of a new St. Croix bridge at up to $690 million. Now, officials say the project could cost up to $676 million. (03/06/2012)
A bridge destined to change views and traffic patterns in the St. Croix River valley may soon move from drawing board to reality. (03/02/2012)
New data out Thursday from research firm RealtyTrac show foreclosures accounted for 23 percent of the state's home sales in the fourth quarter of last year. (03/01/2012)
Minneapolis-based General Mills won national recognition Friday for its work fighting hunger in Africa. (02/25/2012)
Sen. Joe Gimse and Rep. Mike Beard are asking for more information before they'll agree to fund the next planned light rail line in the Twin Cities. (02/24/2012)
Bridge experts are evaluating the safety of the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge in Minneapolis to determine when the pedestrian and bicycle crossing can reopen. (02/24/2012)
Minneapolis crews are working to reinforce the Sabo Bridge after one set of suspension cables on the pedestrian and bicycle bridge failed several days ago. (02/22/2012)
As city workers assess the safety of a damaged bridge, frustrated commuters deal with another day of service disruptions on the Hiawatha Light Rail. (02/21/2012)
What makes us age? How does aging affect the brain? A first of its kind study at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center aims to answer these questions and uncover why some brains are more resilient than others. (02/21/2012)