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This record was the follow up to The Byrds' country-influenced album "Sweetheart of the Rodeo." This record was appropriately named, as it was a little country, a little psychedelic; it has two different personalities. The band's lineup had also changed: founding member Roger McGuinn on guitar/vocals, session player Clarence White on guitar, Gene Parsons (no relation to Gram Parsons) on drums and John York on bass (Chris Hillman had departed to join the Flying Burrito Brothers). (07/13/2012)
This best of compilation contained the 1968 single and unofficial theme song of Woodstock 69' "Going up the Country." (07/12/2012)
Jill brought in this compilation album to celebrate Neil Diamond's Saint Paul show at the Xcel Energy Center. "Cherry, Cherry" was released as a single in July 1966. It was penned by Neil Diamond and produced by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. It's really easy to learn on guitar. Three chords (E-A-D) and you'll impress everyone at your next party. (07/11/2012)
The self-titled, debut record from Aerosmith that featured the hit single "Dream On." (07/11/2012)
This record marked a transition from singer-songwriter to the fuller rock/pop Elton John sound. Elton's touring band was utilized in the making of this record and the production is just spot on. We played the New Orleans-sound influenced track "Honky Cat." (07/11/2012)
Illinois-born, California-based singer-songwriter Lissie (born Elisabeth Maurus) earned breakout success with her debut album "Catching a Tiger," a searing collection of bluesy pop and indie folk powered by the songstress' immense vocal talent. (07/11/2012)
This greatest hits compilation contains the 1974 Conway Twitty single "I See the Want to in Your Eyes." (07/06/2012)
The Caravelles were a British female duo who had a hit in 1963 when they recorded the country song "You Don't Have to be a Baby to Cry." (07/05/2012)
Bob Dylan found his country croon voice when he made this record. (07/02/2012)
What is a studio masterpiece album? To me, it's a record that reaches beyond the traditional boundary of studio constraints. The musicians and producers who've made this type of record have been able to think outside of the box and have found innovative ways to create an expanded sonic environment. I put The Flaming Lips' "The Soft Bulletin" in that realm. (06/29/2012)
Old-friend Brandi Carlile is a prolific folk rock artist, having released her third album of the past four years. Her newest, Bear Creek, was recently our CD of the Week. While in town to kick off her tour at the Minnesota Zoo, she returned to The Current Studio to perform a few songs from Bear Creek and chat with Jill about her rainy zoo performance, the inspiration behind the new record and her long-held goal of wearing a "nudie suit." (06/28/2012)
Paul F. Tompkins is a comedian best known for his contributions to VH1's Best Week Ever. He is (appropriately) the host of The Pod F. Tompkast, which was ranked #1 by Rolling Stone on their list of "The 10 Best Comedy Podcasts of the Moment" in 2011. Paul stopped by the Current studios to hijack the airwaves with a few of his favorite tracks. (06/15/2012)
Andy Richter: known for a decades-long career that has spanned television, film and the stage. (05/11/2012)
Jill Riley got a chance to sit down with Richter for a Theft Of The Dial where he spun favorite songs as diverse as Jesus Christ Superstar's "The Door." (05/11/2012)
Jill Riley sat down with Vincent Kartheiser to talk about his take on his Mad Men character and play the songs that he's currently listening to. (05/04/2012)