Alison Young Feature Archive

Liz Thompson lives in Crookston and helps raise money for the arts in local schools. She listens to classical MPR in her car all the time and tells her grandchildren, "When you're in grandma's car, you listen to grandma's music!" (06/08/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Sam Wai, the Treasurer for the American Crystal Sugar Company in Moorhead. He's on the Board of Trustees of MPR because he is passionate about classical music, ever since he was introduced to music in Hong Kong as a boy and bought his first record - now part of a huge and diverse collection. (06/01/2011)
Alison Young speaks with Will Steger. He led the most significant polar expeditions in history and crossed by foot, kayak and dog-sled some of the most formidable places on earth. Classical music has inspired some of his greatest work and he shares his playlist with us. (05/25/2011)
Classical MPR Artists-in-Residence Cantus have taken over the broadcast booth over this year for a series of discussions and music listening. you can listen to the archive online. (05/19/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Larry Zea, a cattleman from Blackduck. He was a Navy Sea Chanter and traveled the world singing. He also loves operas and a few of his cows have been named after some title roles! (05/18/2011)
How do you make a group of actors look like they've been playing string instruments all their lives? Bring in the consultants! Alison Young speaks with SPCO Principal Violist Sabina Thatcher about how she helped these actors look so natural on-stage. (05/16/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Dancer/Choreographer/Artistic Director James Sewell. He has long used classical music as a source for the dances he creates, and you'll never hear these pieces the same when he describes how the vibrations move him! (05/12/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with 'The Kayak Lady' - Mary Shideler. Her playlist reflects the serenity, the beauty and the sometimes rough conditions of the 1007 lakes she paddled. (04/27/2011)
It may be the greatest work in all of Western Music -- St. Matthew's Passion -- premiered Good Friday in 1727 and then entirely forgotten for 100 years until Mendelssohn revived it. Alison Young is your host this Good Friday at 10 a.m. of Bach's masterpiece. You can follow along with the original score online. (04/21/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Minnesota House Minority Leader Paul Thissen. Work is tough at the capitol these days, so Thissen listens to Copland to soothe his frazzled nerves and Shostakovich to prepare for a tough day. (04/20/2011)
Bernard Herrmann was an Academy Award-winning American composer whose unforgettable collaborations include Psycho with Alfred Hitchcock, Citizen Kane with Orson Welles and Taxi Driver with Martin Scorsese. Minnesota Opera's new production of his only opera celebrates the centennial of the composer's birth and is the first major revival of this forgotten masterpiece since it was written in Minneapolis in 1951. (04/14/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Steve Schon from Ely. He'll help you find just the right paddle, kayak or canoe before you head into the Boundary Waters, but he also has the playlist that will keep nature with you all year long. (04/11/2011)
He's one of the greatest Mozart interpreters in the world, and this weekend, he'll be right here in Minnesota. Christian Zacharias plays and conducts the SPCO in our live broadcast this Saturday at 8:00 on Classical MPR. You can listen on-line now to his "desert island discs." (04/07/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Pioneer Press photographer Chris Polydoroff. His playlist is filled with sounds that - like a perfect image - can stop him in his tracks. It's great stuff by Bach, Henryck Gorecki and the Hilliard Ensemble. (04/06/2011)
In this week's edition, Alison Young talks with Gwen Freed, the Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Gustavus Adolphus College. A former oboist, she fell in love with music - and her Minnesota Orchestra violist husband - when they were both teenagers at music camp. (03/23/2011)