Michael Caputo Feature Archive

For four days the pundits and the politicians have owned the airwaves during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Minnesota Public Radio decided it was time for the rest of the Democrats to have their say. (08/28/2008)
With Minnesota's unemployment rate now at 5.8 percent, Minnesotans age 20 to 60 talk about their challenges in finding a job. (08/15/2008)
Many of the nearly 250 home care agencies around Minnesota say they can't afford to pay more for gas mileage, so some home care providers are thinking about switching jobs. (06/05/2008)
This year's housing market slump has created the unusual situation of buyers sitting on their hands and sellers gloomy about what they can get. (03/14/2008)
The Bush administration announced on Friday that it's making $50 million of the $250 million that's been authorized for the 35W bridge project immediately available to the state. (08/10/2007)
The I-35W bridge collapse inflicted a heavy blow on the Twin Cities fragile highway system. Now the traffic volume of an 8-lane interstate will be pushed to smaller roads like Highway 280 and maybe to already congested side streets in neighborhoods nearby. (08/03/2007)
When it comes to commerce, three modes of travel are affected by this bridge collapse -- truck, barge and train. The collapse of the I-35W bridge will slow down the shipment of many goods and services. (08/02/2007)
First responder and firefighter Curt Mackey talks about the photos he captured during the early hours of the I-35w bridge rescue and recovery effort. (08/02/2007)
One consumer laments the possible loss of the fixed-price energy payment plan for natural gas. (05/25/2007)
Minnesota's counselor-to-student ratio is one of the highest in the nation. Some counselors believe they have been forgotten in the zeal to improve educational outcomes. (04/23/2007)
Minnesota parents debate the pros and cons of a proposal to require an HPV vaccine for 12-year-old girls. (02/22/2007)
Area residents weigh in on the electronic billboard debate. (01/31/2007)
We turned to our Public Insight Network to hear how their lives intersected with the headlines this year. A Minnesota voter talks about why Iraq pushed him away from the Republican Party in 2006. (12/29/2006)
A Minnesota man tells of being in Heathrow airport on the day a terror plot was foiled. (12/28/2006)
Crime was a major story in 2006 -- more specifically, the surge of crime in north Minneapolis. We meet one woman who is battling crime by being vigilant. (12/28/2006)