Michael Caputo Feature Archive

If you run a business and lack cash in these times of tight credit, what do you do? More and more people are turning to an age-old transaction -- bartering. (04/21/2009)
Business has picked up at pawn shops as credit tightens up. So, more and more people are trying to turn goods they have at home into cash. But, sometimes those family heirlooms or prized possessions have value beyond monetary. (04/15/2009)
Minnesota Lawmakers have held hearings and set up a web site asking the public for ideas on how to solve the state's budget shortfall. One former legislator says some of those ideas are helpful, but the big decisions are usually dictated by party leaders. (03/17/2009)
The investigation continues into why a dozen or so young Somali men disappeared from the Twin Cities and are believed to be fighting in Somalia. MPR's Michael Caputo talked to several Somali teens about their take on these disappearances. (03/09/2009)
Minnesota Public Radio held a forum on the state budget -- and how it affects one community, White Bear Lake. (02/22/2009)
A look at the state of volunteerism on the day that President-elect Obama emphasizes service. The economy may have as much as anything to do with increased service. (01/19/2009)
For some people there is no holiday shopping countdown this year, because they've decided not to exchange gifts at all. And that choice can be contagious. (12/14/2008)
The economic downturn has forced many more Minnesotans to look for a new job -- either because of layoffs or a cutback in hours or to supplement retirement. Compared to a year ago, about 40,000 more Minnesotans are unemployed. But over the same period there are 16,000 fewer jobs in the state. (11/21/2008)
Democrat Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain by almost 10 percentage points in Minnesota, but that wave of support didn't propel U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken to a decisive victory over Norm Coleman. (11/06/2008)
People from MPR's Public Insight Network respond to the opening of the new I-35W bridge. (09/18/2008)
As the new I-35W bridge opens, some residents won't rush back to use it. (09/18/2008)
Margi Pemble of Minneapolis had a closeup view of the 35W bridge collapse, from the window of her 14th floor condo nearby. She took a lot of photos that day, and thereafter, and shares them with us. (09/17/2008)
A look back at a police-protester clash during the Republican National Convention on Sept. 1. (09/05/2008)
Minnesota Public Radio assembled a dozen Republican delegates and volunteers from around the nation and asked them to get beyond the canned answers and speeches to tell us why they hold their political allegiances. (09/04/2008)
Though nearly 300 protesters were arrested on the first day of the Republican National Convention, St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman said he feels the officers' actions were nothing short of heroic. (09/02/2008)