Barb Abney Feature Archive

Even with a successful music career, thriving record label, and a new baby, the acoustic folk songstress Ani DiFranco continues to tour non-stop. (09/21/2007)
Much to his own surprise, more and more people are being exposed to Ben Lee's music. On the eve of the release of sixth solo effort, Ripe, the former Noise Addict stopped by on "day one" of a very brief, five-city promotional tour. (08/28/2007)
Poet; artist; punk rocker; activist and mother. These are all words we use to describe the legendary Patti Smith. (08/07/2007)
Their new album Granddance was released stateside less than two months ago, and it's garnering raves all through the indie media. The album was produced by Jim Fairchild and during their interview they talked about their friendship with him and how the title of their album is an homage to his former band, Grandaddy. (07/31/2007)
It wasn't all that long ago that Jesca Hoop left her Mormon family behind and set off on her own to pursue her musical career. (07/10/2007)
Dan Deacon has been getting a lot of attention lately. The Baltimore City paper has named him Best Solo Performer for the past two years. Pitchfork gave the new album, Spiderman Of The Rings, an 8.7 and named the album the Best New Music of May. (07/03/2007)
The word "musical collective" gets thrown around quite a bit these days, but this Brooklyn-based outfit really fits the bill. The only current band member who played on the new album Forts was the band's founder, Jason Friedman. Over the years members of the bands Enon, Liars, Au Revoir Simone, and others have rotated in and out of the band. The current line-up is a five-piece, including two drummers. (06/25/2007)
Ryan Adams gets a bad rap. It's been years since the well publicized "Summer of '69" on-stage meltdown and the famous voice mail rant. He's been referred to as "difficult" by many. (06/19/2007)
You would probably know the name Johnette Napolitano from her work as the frontwoman of the band Concrete Blonde. These days she's just as busy as ever, but in a much more "under the radar" way. (06/06/2007)
If you combined the Zombies with Galaxie 500, you'd have The Clientele. In fact, there was some discussion of Galaxie 500's frontman Dean Wareham during their visit. (06/01/2007)
Alison Sudol, Stephen, and Daxx took the inspiration for their band name from A Midsummer Night's Dream. They are A Fine Frenzy and the name certainly seems to fit them. (05/24/2007)
Local electro-rockers, Digitata warned us about the dangers of drinking 3.2 beer during the recording process. They still managed to turn out a solid record. (05/17/2007)
Early in his career M. Ward had hoped to go to Europe "on someone else's dime." He's had that opportunity a few times and is about to do it again while touring in support of Norah Jones. (05/08/2007)
Finnish multi-instrumentalist Astrid Swan has played with Jose Gonzalez, Mew, Loney Dear, Jamie Cullum, and Lou Barlow. Astrid likes to point out that none of these people look or sound like her. (04/20/2007)
Eighteen months ago James Righton was an English teacher. He and a couple of friends began playing and recording together as Klaxon. They put out their first single just over a year ago. While there was a bit of a buzz about the band, they were relatively unknown. (04/18/2007)