Barb Abney Feature Archive

Mike Doughty began his music career as frontman for the band Soul Coughing in 1992. In 2008 Mike Doughty is back with a brand new album entitled, "Golden Delicious" and sounding better than ever. (02/19/2008)
What started as a side project for two friends to collaborate and just have fun has become quite a bit more. In just over a year since their last stop by our studios Inara George and Greg Kursten have released a full length an Ep and they're just about to release another EP next month. (01/10/2008)
"Finally" is quite often the first word that comes to mind when people hear that local indie-poppers The Owls are finally releasing a full-length album. Their follow-up to 2004's "Our Hopes And Dreams" EP, "Daughters and Suns" continues to be loaded with male-female vocal harmonies and catchy melodies. (11/05/2007)
What's the best thing to do when you find yourself unemployed? Well, go to New York City, do some recording, head back to San Francisco, ditch your solo project, and form your own indie-rock band. That's exactly what Zach Rogue did when he left his solo project, Desoto Reds, to form Rogue Wave at the end of 2002. (10/23/2007)
It's been just under a year since Matt Pond PA stopped by the station the first time. In that time the lineup has changed a bit and they've released both the If You Want Blood EP and the Last Light full length album, which show's Matt's reverence for those who are English, like Pulp and Blur. (10/10/2007)
Not so very long ago, Natasha Kahn began having very vivid dreams. When she awoke one morning she asked herself who wrote the song she heard in her dream? She realized she had written the entire song in her sleep. She continued to apply the things she was dreaming, layering both delicate and bombastic elements together to create the album Fur And Gold. (10/03/2007)
The Winnepeg band The Weakerthans are celebrating ten years together with the release of their fourth album, Reunion Tour. The band seldom play acoustic sets in public, but we were treated to one of these rare performances when the band dropped by for an in-studio session prior to the their show with Last Town Chorus. (09/26/2007)
Even with a successful music career, thriving record label, and a new baby, the acoustic folk songstress Ani DiFranco continues to tour non-stop. (09/21/2007)
Much to his own surprise, more and more people are being exposed to Ben Lee's music. On the eve of the release of sixth solo effort, Ripe, the former Noise Addict stopped by on "day one" of a very brief, five-city promotional tour. (08/28/2007)
Poet; artist; punk rocker; activist and mother. These are all words we use to describe the legendary Patti Smith. (08/07/2007)
Their new album Granddance was released stateside less than two months ago, and it's garnering raves all through the indie media. The album was produced by Jim Fairchild and during their interview they talked about their friendship with him and how the title of their album is an homage to his former band, Grandaddy. (07/31/2007)
It wasn't all that long ago that Jesca Hoop left her Mormon family behind and set off on her own to pursue her musical career. (07/10/2007)
Dan Deacon has been getting a lot of attention lately. The Baltimore City paper has named him Best Solo Performer for the past two years. Pitchfork gave the new album, Spiderman Of The Rings, an 8.7 and named the album the Best New Music of May. (07/03/2007)
The word "musical collective" gets thrown around quite a bit these days, but this Brooklyn-based outfit really fits the bill. The only current band member who played on the new album Forts was the band's founder, Jason Friedman. Over the years members of the bands Enon, Liars, Au Revoir Simone, and others have rotated in and out of the band. The current line-up is a five-piece, including two drummers. (06/25/2007)
Ryan Adams gets a bad rap. It's been years since the well publicized "Summer of '69" on-stage meltdown and the famous voice mail rant. He's been referred to as "difficult" by many. (06/19/2007)