Barb Abney Feature Archive

Brothers Dan and Matt Wilson have been playing together since they were kids. Now they're taking over The Current to share their favorite songs with you. (02/15/2013)
This record could be called "Arena Rock Lullabies for grown ups." I know how crazy it sounds. But it fits. The Joy Formidable have artfully woven a symphonic patchwork made up of delicate and dreamy moments joined with screaming guitars and cacophonous percussion. (01/20/2013)
While in town to perform at Wits, singer-songwriter, author and self-described "Most Improved Camper, West Point Youth Camp, 1982," Mike Doughty stopped by The Current to hijack our airwaves and spin some yarns about his favorite tunes. (12/06/2012)
Amy Milan's voice is both haunting and soaring on the latest record from Stars. (11/26/2012)
Starting in the early '90s, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tore through the American indie scene with a careening, caustic strain of high-energy rock'n'roll, fusing garage-band revivalism, noise-punk and raw blues. (10/23/2012)
The announcement of Solid Gold's new album came less than a month before the record hits shelves, proving our hometown boys have heard our pleas and wanted to get the record into our hands as quickly as they could. (10/22/2012)
Silversun Pickups lead singer, Brian Aubert, hijacks our airwaves to share his musical picks in this edition of Theft of the Dial (10/18/2012)
Stockholm-based trio Niki and the Dove balances imaginative and playful songwriting sure to find favor among indie fans alongside beats and hooks so massive that it's not hard to imagine the band landing themselves on the pop charts. (10/17/2012)
Brother Ali is a local hip-hop icon who's been in the game for over a decade. He stopped by The Current studio to chat with Barb Abney about his new album and play a few songs. (09/18/2012)
On "Sun," Chan Marshall has become the rock star we've always needed: raw, evocative, outspoken and awe-inspiring. (09/03/2012)
Dirty Projectors, the shapeshifting herd of arty indie-rockers led by oddball mastermind Dave Longstreth, have crowned the strange and surprising first decade of their existince with their smart, accomplished fifth full-length Swing Lo Magellan. (08/07/2012)
While their sound is familiar, it's not sloppy or dated in any way. It has a grounded feel to it, with just as much passion as before, but with more of the kind of focus that only growing up and having a family can give you. (07/15/2012)
The story of Dan Wilson is by now a local legend. He helped create some of the biggest music hits in the '80s and '90s through his work in Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare. (05/18/2012)
Barb Abney got a chance to sit down with music superstar in advance of his appearance at Wits. (05/18/2012)
When people ask me what Afghan Whigs record they should listen to as an introduction to the band, without hesitation I say "Gentlemen" and here's why. (05/08/2012)