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alt-J hits #1 on this week's Chart with "Left Hand Free"; locals Lizzo and Caroline Smith have reached the Chart Show Hall of Fame promise land; and Jenny Lewis climbs 11 spots to #8 with "She's Not Me." (12/03/2014)
T-Bone Burnett received a gift from Bob Dylan, out of the blue: a scrapbook of lyrics written forty-something years ago but never set to music. Burnett assembled a supergroup of artists and recorded the tunes at Capitol Records in Hollywood, and the resulting album largely succeeds. Even Bob Dylan's cast-off ideas make really good songs. (12/01/2014)
Host Bill DeVille shares his top singles, albums and Americana releases of 2014. (12/01/2014)
Mike Doughty is playing back-to-back shows at the Dakota in Minneapolis tonight, prompting The Current's Bill DeVille to ask him if such a gig is difficult. "Not really," Doughty says. "I prefer to be playing music than not playing music." Doughty stopped in to The Current's studio to chat with DeVille and to play a few tunes before the doubleheader. (11/22/2014)
"We're from Montreal, but this is our first snow of the year," says Brad Barr, gazing out the window of The Current's Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser studio. Although based in Montreal, The Barr Brothers draw from a world of influences. Before their gig at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis, the Barr Brothers stopped at The Current for a live session hosted by Bill DeVille. (11/15/2014)
In town to play <em>United States of Americana</em>'s fifth birthday bash, Israel Nash and company stopped by The Current to perform in our studio and to chat with host Bill DeVille before their gig at the Turf Club. (11/06/2014)
As the show celebrates its fifth birthday, 'United States of Americana' host Bill DeVille shares his top five in-studio memories so far, plus another highlight from the popular Sunday-morning roots-music program. Do you remember these? (11/06/2014)
Bill DeVille's Sunday-morning Americana program went on the air in 2009, but it turns out the show had been percolating for at least 20 years before then. Bill shares the story as 'US of A' celebrates five years on the air. (11/04/2014)
After moving to North Carolina from Tennessee, Greg Cartwright heard a slang term for his new state and was inspired. "Man, I've gotta find some way to put that in a song," he declared. The result is the first track on Reigning Sound's album, 'Shattered'. Hear the story of "North Cackalacky Girl" and more, as Reigning Sound visit Bill DeVille in The Current studio. (10/30/2014)
It's a big week for the ladies on the Chart Show this week! Lizzo and Caroline Smith's salute to women "Let 'Em Say" continues to dominate and hits number one for the second time. Lizzo's career is still on fire with her recent appearance on the <em>Late Show with David Letterman</em>! (10/29/2014)
Ahead of their sold out gig at the Cedar Cultural Center, Angus & Julia Stone stopped by The Current studio to record a session with their full touring band and to chat with host Bill DeVille about their new self-titled album, what it was like working with producer Rick Rubin and, yup, Vegemite. (10/20/2014)
On tour supporting their new album, 'Listen', the Kooks were in town on Saturday, Oct. 4, to play a show at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Earlier in the day, they stopped by The Current studio to play some songs off the new album and to chat with Bill DeVille. (10/06/2014)
From Sept. 17 to 21, The Current's Bill DeVille was in Nashville, Tenn., attending the 2014 Americana Music Festival and Conference. Get a sense of the experience through this collection of Bill's Tweets and Facebook posts. (10/01/2014)
For her first album in four years, Lucinda Williams pulled out all the stops. 'Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone' is a sprawling collection featuring 20 songs, almost all written by Lucinda herself. She is one of the great songwriters of our time and an Americana legend. (09/29/2014)
In town to play a couple of gigs at the Turf Club in St. Paul, JD McPherson and his band stop by The Current's studio to chat with Bill DeVille and to play some tunes they're currently road-testing in the run-up to the release of their next album. (09/14/2014)