Jim Ed Poole Feature Archive

Diane Jarvi was born in the US, but her ancestry is most definitely Finnish. She's known for her unique interpretations of world and folk music and her poetry. On her most recent recording she explores more Finnish traditional music, but also dives into Gypsy jazz. (10/17/2007)
What's in a name? A little of this, a little of that, according to the Alexy brothers. They live near Duluth currently, but grew up in New Jersey and spent a lot of time hanging with their Uncle Frank. So much time, in fact, that they call themselves the Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. (10/12/2007)
You'd think Martin Sexton was born in the soul music scene, but he claims it was something he found later in life, with help from the movies and a large hamburger chain with golden arches. (09/27/2007)
Being the daughter of Grammy-winning folk artist Greg Brown, music was a natural part of her Pieta Brown's childhood. She grew up exposed to all sorts of music in both southern Iowa and Alabama. (09/26/2007)
Several years ago, Jevetta Steele wrote and starred in a production called "Two Queens One Castle." The show is based upon her recovery from a destructive love triangle in her marriage. The show was a hit and played in other theaters around the country. (09/19/2007)
Alexei and Channy Moon Casselle met in high school, dated, went their separate ways, stayed in touch, and now are married and living in Minneapolis. They also come from various musical backgrounds: classical, bluegrass and hip-hop. (09/06/2007)
Austin, TX has loads of good songwriters. To be good songwriter them and to be making a living at it puts you in pretty good company. Jimmy LaFave is there. (07/02/2007)
Monroe Crossing does it the old-fashioned way: by standing around one microphone, leaning in and backing off when they have to balance the overall sound of the five instruments and vocal harmonies. It's a dance they make about 150 times a year in concerts all over the Midwest. (06/28/2007)
Twenty-two year old Guitarist Sam Miltich is in the process of releasing his third album. He and his father Matthew formed the Clearwater Hot Club some years ago to play the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. (06/20/2007)
Do you tell your kids to go directly to college after high school, or do you tell them to take a year off and figure out their life? Maybe you're like Willy Mason: he was planning to go to college, but ended up touring at age 17. (06/19/2007)
The new album from Bluesman Charlie Parr was recorded in his neighbor's garage - birds chirping, water on the floor, kids running by - and he feels that the setting allowed him to perform like he wanted. (05/30/2007)
When we last met our hero she had driven all night to join us in Jackson for our live show at the Historic State Theater last summer. (05/24/2007)
Cliff Eberhardt was on the verge of ending his career after recovering from a serious car accident, but the songs kept coming and led him to record another album for Red House Records. (05/07/2007)
Susan Werner brings to her music a background in classical, jazz, folk and rock music. She's no stranger to several instruments and has been known to launch into an aria during her folk concert tours. (05/02/2007)
Charlie Maguire trusts his friends, and depends on them for input. That's just we he did in his new album, "Good Eye Blind". His long-time friend and producer Steve Wiese helped him shape his group of new songs, hired just the right musicians and recorded the album at Creation Studios in Minneapolis. (04/25/2007)